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Perizaad Zorabian pairs with Sanjay Suri in Raman Bharadwaj’s directorial debut titled Kabhi Up Kabhi Down.  The film has Perizaad playing a struggling actress who seduces an ad executive into marrying her.

Sanjay Suri plays a divorcee who already has a girlfriend (played by VJ Kim Jagtiani) when he gets an invitation from a small-time actress named Radhika Bulbul (Perizaad). When he visits her home, she locks him in her room, seduces him, and the man, obviously, falls to her lure.  “She invites him to her home on New Year’s Eve and locks him up in her room, throwing the key away and traps him. One thing leads to another and by morning, the ad executive gets married to her.”

Initially, the movie’s director had signed Shekhar Suman to play the male lead and Kim Sharma to play his girlfriend. But due to creative differences, Shekhar was dropped from the project and Sanjay Suri roped in. Kim Sharma was replaced with Kim Jagtiani.

The movie’s shooting schedule is likely to begin from the first week of June.

What is happening to Bollywood??? Everything is SEDUCTIVE ..

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