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ADH - Never Look Back (Album Review)



Record Label: MOVIEBOX
Release Date: NOVEMBER 2006
No Of Tracks:
8 + DVD

ADH is a little like marmite, why you ask? Well, you either really like his vocals, or you really hate it. His one of those artists who annoys some people but others don’t really mind. Some call him a horrible vocalist, others say his talented. Well he did get Kuldip Manak to do a duet it with him, so his singing can’t be all that bad! However one thing that I think we all agree on is that he really needed to chuck the vocoder in the bin, and for this his new album he fortunately has.

So onto his new album, ‘Never Look Back’ which has been released on the MovieBox label, the album has 8 songs + a DVD, much like the Collaborations package that was given. I wont go into the pricing policy on this album, its £12 for 8 tracks, although the DVD contains a lot more than we were given for the crap on Collaborations.

 It’s been called ‘The most expensive album in history’, much like Collaborations was the ‘The biggest punjabi album in history’ anyway expensive it maybe, but money doesn’t make good songs, talent does!  The line up of producers on the album is BIG. N-ZO (aka Zeus), Groove Productions, Project Asia & Bally & Bhoota Jagpal, who after many years out in the wilderness are finally making a comeback in the Bhangra scene, about time lads? Now how about the B21 album or is that asking too much?

 Also the album has been accompanied by three fantastic videos, all of which are available to watch in our video section, so make sure you check them out as they are defiantly worth the dosh that was spent on them!

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Onto the album, the first song, ‘Poolgaye’ has been produced by N-ZO or Zeus, why has he called himself N-ZO? Lets just say it’s a little bit down to Bhangra politics! Now I don’t want to totally compare this song to Sachian Suniya, but it does have that feel, although that is a damn good thing! The little 30second intro to the song sets the scene; some poor guy recognises his ex, but she doesn’t remember him, it fits well into the song, but it does sound a little tacky! The song itself is far from tacky, the song has the same template as Sachian Suniya but however has enough originality to be considered a hit. The deep pulsating bass line and the catchy music is what we’ve come to expect from Zeus over the years and he hasn’t disappointed here. ADH’s vocals are a level above from what I’ve heard from him before, thankfully theres been no use of a vocoder here to make him sound like some windows operated robot. This a top tune, and will defiantly do some dancefloor damage. Well what can I say, one of my songs of the year, but best song on the album? Not yet.

The legend that is Bally Jagpal is back (ok that sounded kinda cheap haha!) but, as any self confessed bhangraholic will admit, they’ve been waiting a long time for a real comeback from him. So it’s only right that he produces ‘Ranjha’, which is a loose remake of the song Bally sang a few years back (yeah that massive tune). After all that build-up the song has been well produced, given a totally new vibe by Bally, when I first heard this song it didn’t really hit me as anything special, but it defiantly grew on me! One negative is the over-extended outro to the song, which is about a 1minute of ‘Oh Ho’. Oh and I nearly forgot to mention Rydem Ryder who pops up in the song, the lyrics he uses are a little weird to say the least, just listen, although I wont go as far as saying he ruined the song, he fits in well, so I have nothing bad to say! (for once). Top tune overall.


Groove Productions take over the production duties here, on the remake of ADH’s previous hit ‘Majajne’ which was off his first album ‘I Want It All’. And I can safely say that this is easily better than anything he has done before. The production is great and really outdoes the original by miles! ADH’s vocals once again sound much much better without the stupid vocoding machine, one wonders why the hell did he ever use it? So some of you are thinking, his vocals are sh*t he sings through his nose! Well, as I said you either love it or hate it, and much like this song, I love it! Brilliant tune, cant knock it.


 ‘Gabroo’, Is the fourth song, and has been produced by Project Asia, I cant say I know a lot about these guys, but judging from this song they’ve got some talent. The song is introduced by Sniper who does a fairly ‘good’ job. The beat is grimy, almost rock like, but still maintaining the desi elements, with a real powerful guitar riff. Looks like ADH is bigging up his former dance group Gabroo Punjab De, who are one of the best on the scene. Another quality song.


 Project Asia are back with ‘Dil De Rani’, for me this is another solid song on the album, the production is quality, the vibe once again isn’t totally desi, but the addition of the tumbi and flute at all the right intervals makes it another listenable song.


 ‘Akhian’ is up next and Groove Productions return back on the production, its kept desi, but it isn’t really up to the standard of the previous songs, but im sure everyone is allowed a blip here and there even if the album only has 8 songs..


 So you thought the Bally Jagpal version of Ranjha was good on this album? N-ZO (Zeus) is back with ‘Ranjha (Desi Mix)’ which I can safely say is better than the original. A little short at just under 3minutes, but the production is a joy to listen to.  Another song that Zeus has totally ripped apart! Up there with Poolgaye. On a side note I seem to be talking more about the production than the vocals, this is due to the fact ADH’s vocals have been fairly consistent all the way through.


 So I mentioned earlier that there was a song better than Poolgaye, well here it is ‘Daardi’. Produced by Bhoota Jagpal, who is behind more hits than I can think of; just think B21 – Darshan etc. you get the point. So onto the song, it’s on a totally different vibe to anything on the album, it begins with a drum n bass feel, but slowly spins around into a song that is anything but D&B. The bass line is thumping, and well its one of those songs that just has the whole B21-esque flavour around it, you even have the ‘whoohahh whoohahh’, if that isn’t  B21 than I don’t know what is! An absolute monster track, just listen!

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A Quick word about the DVD, that’s provided with the album, it has about 60minutes of material for you to go through, which includes the three videos for this album. However also live performances at two events and various interviews with ADH, Bally & Bhoota Jagpal etc. It’s priced at £11.99, you can make your own mind up on if it is worth it or not, however I will say that it’s a much better overall DVD than what was given with Collaborations, which was absolutely sh*t.
 Anyway back to the album, they say being an artist is all about progressing and improving, so if anyone says that Never Look Back is not an improvement to anything ADH has done before than they must be either deaf or have serious issues. ADH’s vocals have improved four-fold and it shows without the use of the vocoder. His vocal ability, or lack of it as some may say is a big talking point, however if you do not like his vocals, then just don’t listen! The songs on this album are top quality, Poolgaye, Ranjha (x2), Majane, Dil De Rani, Daardi are ALL quality songs. You could say this album is good because of the production, and yeah you are right to an extent, but I’m sure ADH would have done a better job than Mr Singh at your local dhaba.
 The album shows real progression by ADH, although 8 songs is two or three less than would be expected, 7 of the 8 are all worth a repeat. A Top quality album, make sure you all go out and grab your copy!


ADH – Never Look Back gets a well deserved 7.5/10


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