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2 Much Glassy (Album Review)


Release Date: NOVEMBER 2006
No Of Tracks:

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After almost two years of delays, the album is finally out, and the reason for the delay? Well, apparently its been down to the effects of 2 much glassy itself, but I’m sure there’s more a simple reason to it, like Mr Hayer being busy with plenty more other projects. The first release from Leamington Spa based GENIE Records, 2006 has been a quiet year for the guys, who after the massive success of Groundshaker have been awfully quiet.

 However I think we all agree on that fact that when Genie records do bring out an album, it does rank up there with a quality album, be it; Groundshaker or Genie-Us. Now onto there latest release; 2 Much Glassy! Labelled as an essential for every session, although I wouldn’t know what a session is (honest!), the album contains big names such as Aman Hayer, Groove Productions, Nirmal Sidhu, KS Makhan, Angrez Ali, Feroz Khan and a whole host of others! One notable absentee is Pal-D, who’s highly anticipated song ‘Bottle’ was supposed to be on the album, although due to Bhangra politics, its seems as though it will never see the day of light, no fault of Genie Records though.

 So after 2 many delays (haha get it?) and 2 much rubbish released throughout 2006, can 2 Much Glassy put in a late charge for the Genie Records boys, well read on to find out!


The first track is “Oh Kuri’ produced by Aman Hayer, with the vocals of UK based singer; Kaka. Not to be confused with the other Kaka of course, who is Kaka Bhainiavala. Also appearing on the track is SUN E D, who well, I get onto him later. The song is your token watered down Bhangra track, what do they call it? Pop Bhangra? But I have to say it works, im impressed with the vocals of Kaka, who does a great job on the vocals, looking to see more of him! I have to admit I have this thing with MC’s and Bhangra, sometimes it works, and sometimes it doesn’t. I’m not entirely sure on this one, I’ll be honest, I’ve never really seen the point of MC’s on tracks, SUN E D does an OK job, but lets just say I hope I don’t hear more of him on the album, or any other songs. Overall, good song and a pleasant enough start to the album.


 Ahhh, here comes the best song on the album, don’t even bother arguing with me on this one, “Raarke” smashes it! Nirmal Sidhu and female vocalist Sudesh Kumari take the prize here, a fantastic job on the vocals. The production is courtesy of Groove Productions, who do a good job in keeping the music simple and not too over-powering on the vocals, however they’ve kept it totally desi, the music is fantastic, and just to make it that better, a deep baseline is added. This is going to be a massive favourite for north American Bhangra teams. Lets just hope it gets the right exposure on the Bhangra scene, because it deserves to be massive! Glad there was no MC found here.


 Groove Productions are back again, with this time London based vocalist/producer D’Arry on the vocals on “Beer Da Glass”. I’ve got to say this guy D’arry does get around, making an appreance on the notorious jatt album and working with the sound pipe label (Bee2 & Taj e). Two tracks in and finally we get to a song that will go down in a booze filled arena. If you ever want to make a good dancefloor tune, in todays Bhangra industry you don’t need too much knowledge, just lyrics about booze or getting totally hammered, and a half decent beat but saying that Beer Da Glass is another quality song.


 Before you get your Bacardi laced dancing shoes ready “Rajj Ke Palaa De” switches things around in a total different direction. Expecting another tune for the dancefloor? Rajj Ke Palaa Da is a Qawwali style song, sang by Jas Singh. The music is by Aman Hayer, and to sum this song up, it’s brilliant! From lyrics to vocals to music, and the whole qawwali style really works. Its up there with Raarke.


 Aman Hayer carries on the production duties onto “Saari Raat”, and this tune is straight out of the pind, it reminds of the type of songs such as ‘Allarh Kuwariyan’ however no were near that quality. Solid track although it feels as though it’s a left over from some of Aman Hayer’s recent projects. Angrez Ali does well on the vocals, but it has nothing on some of his other hit tunes.


 Yudhvir Manak re-sings his fathers classic song “Nachna Piya” remake no. 479844. After the sucesss of his last album which Aman Hayer produced, Yudhvir returns the favour. Although im sure there would have been a better song to re-sing than this. Anyway onto the production, once again by Aman Hayer, its ok, but nothing to break any musical barriers.

“Pyar Hogiya” introduces a new producer and vocalist, the vocalist Surinder Billa and the producer R33ce who is more known for his organizing of Bhangra gigs than anything else, but I guess anyone is a producer these days! The vocals from Surinder Billa are very good, word on the Bhangra grapevine is that he has an debut album out soon, so that should be something to look forward to. Overall the tune is good, but mainly down to the excellent vocals.

 “Dil Nai Lagda 2K6 Dance Mix”, let me hear you all shout FILLER!

 “Pende Bhangra” has been sung by a new vocalist to my ears; Amarjit Heeranpuri; who does a fairly good job. Musically Aman Hayer once again takes responsibility; the song pretty much has the same template as other songs done by Aman Hayer.

Shig E is appreantly a 16 year old producer, im not too sure about how true these rumours are, but if so then this is a good start for the kid! With Tanveer Gogi on the vocals; “Jind” is a good song from Shig E, and in all honesty it is good to hear some variety on the album other than songs by Aman Hayer, which tend to have the same sounds all the way through.

Groove Productions this time team up with Feroz Khan, to give us “Heer Saleti”, in my opinion (which may or may not mean a lot to you) Feroz Khan is one of the most under-used vocalists out there. The guy has great potential, but always seems to be given a poor tune. The song is ok, although much like everything else since track four, not really up to the high standards we all expect.

 “Akh De Ishare” sees the introduction of another new vocalist; Tejtarn Singh, once again he does a ok job on the vocals, but I cant help to think, do they find these vocalists at there local dhaba? Nevertheless; Aman Hayer on the beat so you know what to expect, a solid track nothing else.

 New producer Gopi Kang is on hand to give us “Kitte Kalli Nu” the penultimate track, the vocalist Saabz; sounds like he is singing behind a double glazed window. The music to the song is good; however it doesn’t have any real lasting effect. Sounds pretty much like the rest of the album. Skip.

 The final song on the album, fortunately, I say fortunately, because everything since track four has been way below par. K S Makhan makes a welcome appreance on the album, production by Groove Production.

 “Tere Naal Nach Ke”. Well what can I say? Its ok I guess.

 Ok I’ll be honest, when flicking through the tracklisting, the track I was most looking forward to was this “Groundshaker 2 Promo”,  now I don’t know why, but this woke me up, wherever this intro fits in, I just hope it does justice to the track, at least give us a little more Genie Records!

 2 Much Glassy, 2 Many Delays, 2 Many Fillers. The first four tracks on this album are real top quality, even I cant argue that. Past track 4 there’s hard for me to find anything that’s worth another listen. Some songs just sound like Groundshaker 1 reject tunes.  Bar "Raarke"  and "Rajj Ke Palaa De" there isnt actually too much going on with this album, everything else sounds like reused and tired beats. I could really go on about the lack of imagination on a number of the songs.

They said the album had been delayed due to the effects of 2 Much Glassy, in all honesty it sounds as though some of these songs were produced under the influence of one too many shots , of either bacardi or whiskey, either one wouldn't have helped this album sound any better. 


2 Much Glassy gets a:  5/10


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