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Malkit Singh - 21st Chapter (Album Review)


Record Label: OSA Records
Release Date: December 2006
No Of Tracks:

Malkit Singh, one of the original founders of UK Bhangra, although born in Punjab, he has lived most of his life in the UK, over the years he has become one of the biggest names in Bhangra, giving us some massive hits – Mitteh Ganneh , Chal Hun , Tutak Tutak, Jind Mahi the list is seemingly endless! Just as 2005 is ending Malkit gives us this, his 21st album, a testament to a Bhangra artist who has been at the top consistently for nearly 20 years.

 ‘21st Chapter – Nachna Aaj Nachna’ , unlike Malkit’s previous albums has not been produced by Ravi Bal, but this time he has chosen to go with Aman Hayer and Bob Rai (who has previously worked with Malkit) Can he match his previous albums? Or Manage Todo with out the skills of Ravi Bal? Will Aman Hayer ruin another song with a useless MC? ( lol ), read on to find out!


The title track is up first ‘Nachna Aaj nachna’, without even looking at the inlay, I know Aman Hayer has produced this track. It gives you typical Aman Hayer vibe about it, a upbeat dance track which is defiantly going to do well. Malkit is spotless on the vocals and for Malkit fans it is good to hear him back in his flow! This is a typical Malkit style song. Production wise it is solid, complementing the vocals perfectly!

Sohniye is the next song, and this is the one which has been getting the most radio airplay, once again another upbeat song from Malkit. With a pulsating tumbi and a hard hitting dhol, this is a fast paced track. One thing I do not understand with Bhangra producers is what are they thinking of when they put Cheshire cat on a Bhangra song? I find it hard to comprehend what the f*ck he adds to a song (pardon my French), he speaks total gibberish on every song he is on, and I really don’t know why Bhangra producers consistently add him onto songs. *breathes*. Bar Cheshire cat, this tune is a catchy one and I can see it doing well on the dance floor.

Aman Hayer is back on the production with ‘Shehi shindye’, Malkit once again is immaculate on the vocals, and the beat is a easy going, another good upbeat Bhangra song! Malkit doing what he is best at! BUT, (Theres always a but!) why does Aman Hayer insist on putting MC’s onto songs which simply do not need them? Babbu Mann – Mittran Di Chatri was ruined by the MC (Sunny D) on it, and the same MC has been put on this track. Aman Hayer is no doubt one of the most talented guys in the Bhangra industry right now, but his judgement on a few tracks recently has been poor, if you want to promote Genie artists do it on your own album, don’t ruin others!

Doriya’ instantly reminded me of ‘Dil’ from the ‘Gettin Serious’ compilation album earlier this year (which Aman Hayer featured on). This track is another gem which Malkit has managed to create, his vocals fit perfectly into the track another big Malkit Singh tune! Just Listen!!

Jago aaya’  anyone? Now this track is huge at just over 9minutes long! But am I bothered? This song is pure class! Malkit Singh at his best, 9 minutes of pure boliyan, this song doesn’t want to make you forward it, sit back and enjoy Malkit Singh at his best. If this song isn’t played at a wedding you go to, then request it! You won’t even notice the 9 minutes go. This song puts the ‘feel good’ factor back into Bhangra!

Mittar te ki beet di’ is mellow track, with a constant dhad and sarangi running throughout the song, feels like a filler, although some may like it, at over 6 minutes long, it does tend to drag on.

Fer kado nachna’ is a bubbly tune, with a simple beat with Malkit being his usual self, it fails to live up to the previous tracks, once again at just over 7minutes, another song which drags on, and like the previous track the production is pretty simple.

Dor dor jaan waliye is a slow powerful track, which Malkit is so good at – everyone remember ‘Maa’ , but this one is not as good. The lyrics are good, although its most likely that you have heard songs like this before.

This is one of my favourite track on the album, titled ‘Photo’ it has a smooth relaxing melody which reminds you of chillin on a weekend with your feet up! Another feel good track, this is what Malkit does best and his done it again!

Another slow number for you, ‘Sarhade (Border)’ now this really is the next ‘Maa’,  this is a powerful song, with deep and meaningful lyrics, to listen to this song is to fully appreciate its beauty.

21albums? You wouldn’t have known it, this album is another great album from Malkit, and vocally he was spot on and sounded like his best. The tune has some great dance floor bangers – Nachna Aaj Nachna and especially Doriya I feel will do well. As for the weddings, remember were you read it, ‘Jago ayaa’ will smash it for a long long time!

Production wise, we were given the skills of Aman Hayer and Bob Rai, I haven’t heard much work of Bob Rai. As for Aman Hayer, we all know what he is about and he is seriously talented, but he maybe suffering from producing music in such large quantities, to be perfectly honest, he ruined the track by putting on the MC. Malkit Singh has delivered another solid album with some big tunes, but I can imagine how it would have been if Ravi Bal produced it.. Great vocals, let down by the production.  6.5/10