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Binder Bajwa - Finally Album Review

 Record Label: Suga Kane Records
Release Date: February 2008
No Of Tracks:

This review has been brough to you specially from our correspondant from North America. Rohit Loomba who also writes for major Hiphop outlets such as and Ozone magazine. Whilst interviewing the likes of Jermaine Dupri, Twista and Lupe Fiasco, Rohit has now teamed up with to bring a new perspective to the site! has always maintained its status as the only website who delivers the truth and Rohit Loomba makes no exception! So lets get down to the review!

After numerous delays Binder Bajwa’s Finally has now managed to make its way to store shelves, where it probably should stay. Priced at £7 (Via VIP Digital, this 11 track album is a disappointment, with the only saving element to be found on it being the production, which is provided chiefly by labelmate Code Red. Code Red’s modern edged production gives Binder the perfect canvas to paint his boliyan inspired vocals on, but Binder falls short, giving listeners nothing but Jackson Pollock-esque splatters of vocals. With years of experience and a solid track record that includes work with the likes of Subs, Apache Indian and DJ Sanj, Binder should have been able to deliver an album that more extensively captured his vocal abilities.


“Tere Ishq” opens the album with flashes of hope for the album and is followed by Binder’s strongest effort “Dupatta”. Binder flawlessly delivers his vocals over a solid dhol driven Code Red effort on this standout track. Any momentum that Binder may have gained with the beginning of the album starts to disappear with “Tere Toor” and completely disappears by the seventh track, “Tour India”.

The first seven tracks are the only original material on the album as the remainder of the 11 tracks are simply remixes or re-releases. A “Tere Ishq” remix finds another Big Suga Kane artist, Iceburg, who seems misplaced on the track, and the last tracks of the album are re-releases, with one being no different from when it was originally released.

Finally is almost void of any indication that this album has been in the making for ‘ seven years’ although the production process took two years. It also fails to highlight Binder’s true vocal abilities. While Binder proves disappointing on this effort, producers Code Red and Amx do manage to show off their musical talents on the album. Amx’s own album Broken Silence is due soon as well and, with what he offers on Finally, could potentially be one hell of an album; but then again,  Finally was supposed to be just that as well.

Binder Bajwa - Finally gets 6/10

  Review written by Rohit Loomba (Chicago)