Master Rakesh - Zakhmi (Album Review)

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Record Label: Maalwa Records
Release Date: February 2008
No Of Tracks:

2003 was the year Zeus put his name firmly on the worldwide Bhangra map with the HUGE anthem ‘Kangna’. However the vocalist of that song almost 5 years ago was Master Rakesh. To call him talented is an understatement. With a voice that is unmatchable in the industry Master Rakesh has been behind a number of hit tracks in the past, without really getting any real recognition. Well that’s all about to change.

"Zakhmi" marks the beginning of a new chapter for Master Rakesh who has teamed up with super producer Ravi Bal who more recently teamed up with another superb vocalist Daljit Mattu, although the final outcome for that wasn’t all too great.

A little information about the album, it comes with a DVD that features both videos and behind the scenes footage. The album actually comes with a parental guidance badge over the DVD’s, I’ll leave you to ponder that one. The album contains 14 tracks with a intro and an outro. It’s a rather neat package put together by Maalwa records, 12 tracks and a DVD all for only 7.99. All credit to Maalwa for that one! Can someone inform Moviebox please? £12 for 8 tracks seems laughable now…


The album kicks off with ‘The Release (intro)’, its basically a skit to announce that Master Rakesh is leaving prison on this day, for those who are a little curious, Rakesh actually did spend time in a british jail, for reasons which I wont go into..

 A funky beat brings in the title track “Zakhmi (Ravi Bal Mix)” which can be summed up in one word…ORIGINAL! I see that the  every song is a mix thing has still stuck with Ravi Bal… anyway the production on this tune is to a very high standard. Theres a lot of random sounds and noises throughout the song but neither do anything but add to the song. Vocals by Rakesh are as you would expect. Its one of those songs you just sit back and appreciate great work from both Master Rakesh & Ravi Bal.

A very long intro sees Rakesh flex his vocal chords, the song finally gets going 1minute 40 seconds in and “Ek Doh Tin - 123 (Numero Desi Mix)” is pretty much like Zakhmi, another top tune. Ek Doh Tin is has more traditional elements than the fusion packed Zakhmi but its as equally effective. Theres been a lot made about the lyrics to this song, to be fair to both Rakesh and Ravi Bal the Punjab scene is full of songs about girls aged 16 or around that age. It may be a little inappropriate to release songs like this in the UK market such as is the climate of todays society. It’s a very catchy track, just try not to think too much into the lyrcs. Theres a little bit of recycling by Ravi Bal with the Teriyan Aadavan (Preet Harpal) song being used in places. No real need for that, it detracts from a good song and the best song off the album!

 Track four is “Lagda Na Ji (Dance Hall Mix)” and features Cheshire Cat. The beat as the title explains is Dance Hall but to a much slower tempo. It’s a pretty catchy song once again and the few verses thrown in by Cheshire Cat don’t really do much to improve the song, I cant grasp why producers continue to use artists like Cheshire Cat, who really don’t seem to add anything to songs. A decent enough song.

 “Dhulla Surma (Tumbinator Mix)”, I can see why this song was called the tumbinator mix, as it features a prevalent tumbi throughout the song, clever huh. Dhulla Surma is one of those songs that don’t really have a purpose. Its got a fast dance beat combined with a infectious tumbi,  it’s a pretty decent track but nothing overly spectacular. Just one of those songs.

 “Meh Margi (Deep Zone Mix)” is a 6minute long ballad, its ok, but slow songs really have to be something special to have any lasting effect, this one lacks anything. It would be a nifty cure for insomnia though…

 “Bah Fer Ke (Ravi Bal Mix)” and this once again is another unique production from Ravi Bal, different to anything I’ve heard before. You have to credit Ravi Bal on always trying to be original and Bah Fer Ke is exactly that. He could do without the robotic voice stating that it’s a ‘ravi bal mix’, makes it sound as if some North American dj has mixed this (no offence to all you North Americans!). As always vocals by Rakesh are sublime!

 This album has been void of some proper Bhangra so to speak, you can argue whether Master Rakesh’s voice is suited to a full blown Bhangra track, however Amit Rai’s Ishq Tere Ne proved that theory wrong. So onto “Nach Mere Naal (Dhology Mix)” which is as ‘desi’ as its going to come on this album. Once again another ok track, but never really gets going, feels a little lacklustre.

 Another UK album released and another duet! Looks as though these duets are really getting going in UK Bhangra, with Sudesh Kumari being at the forefront. “Gal Sun (Ashqi Mix)” sees Rakesh team up with the excellent Sudesh Kumari for another 6minute long ballad. Unlike Meh Margi this track does have a little extra, which are the vocals of Kumari.

 “Munneya Tenoo (Ludhiana vs Jalandhar Mix)” is another type of song that Ravi Bal seems to be obessed with recently, its neither here or there. Its just a song, nothing more nothing less.

 “Lights Off (Smedrock Endow Mix)” is another fairly catchy track, with the lyrics being somewhat different to your usual desi track. Although I think this song may deserve a PG rating alone. Much like a lot of the songs in the second half of this album, its fairly decent but that’s all I can say really.

 “Jawani (Mumbai Mix)” is a more slowed down track, a little like Lagda Na Ji earlier, although unlike Lagda Na Ji this song should really have no place on this album.

 The penultimate track is “Ek Doh Tin – 123 (Club Mix)”,  or as I would like to put it; Ek Doh Tin – 123 (This is a filler track to make up the numbers on this album).

 The final ‘song’ is “Angel 66.6FM (Outro)” it basically features a whole load of people ringing up a radio station bigging up this album, nice to see modesty is still around.

Let me get straight to the point.

Maalwa Records have done a excellent job in putting this album together, the whole 14 tracks and a DVD package for £8 is something you cant argue with! Great value.

Master Rakesh has been a class act throughout this album and his voice is superb.

Ravi Bal has had a shocker. Bar Zakhmi & Ek Doh Tin the production & the choice of songs on this album is wayward to say the least.

So whats right with this album? Well as mentioned the overall package is a good one, however that would only really work if the album was actually a good one, which sadly it isn’t. I took a swipe at Moviebox earlier at charging £12 for 8 tracks on special DVD packages, but those albums were actually worth listening to.

I really cant stress enough how disappointing this album is, Ek doh tin and Zakhmi as I keep mentioning are the only songs that are worth a repeat, and all credit to Ravi Bal for bringing out something new with those songs. However everything after that is skip-able, at a push I’d say Lagda Na Ji is a another well made song. In fact all songs have been produced ‘well’, but being produced well doesn’t mean they sound good. Ravi Bal is a seasoned pro in the Asian music industry, however it seems as though this old pro is on a ever increasing downward spiral.

I’ve never actually been so bored when doing an album review… now were did I put my Midas Touch cassette…


Master Rakesh – Zakhmi gets a 5/10

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0 #28 Guest 2008-11-07 07:26
:lol: :P :woohoo: :huh:
0 #27 Guest 2008-07-16 19:05
so what do people think now about this album? still shit and its done and dusted?
0 #26 indy 2008-03-29 17:47
this album is awesome, one of the best out and trust me this album will not fade away, the lyrics the music is on a professional level except zakhmi it dos\'nt make sence... ek doh tin is lyrically different and very very catchy :woohoo:
0 #25 creative 2008-03-24 21:15
awful album.
Apey he beej ape hee kao (What
0 #24 Dalla vs Dalla Singh who is thApey he beej ape hee kao (What 2008-03-03 17:47
Dalla Singh Maalva Producer- Surley you want to be famous in your own name! There have been many Dalla Singh\'s and there are many too come who will do much more than you - How will we ever remeber you amongst the many Dalla Singhs especially amongst the ones worthy of remeberence!

Use your real surname or drop Singh.

DALLA sounds better on its own!

You dont get Manak Singh, Dhulla Singh, Jagga Jat Singh, Gurdass Singh Maan! DALLA Smedrock don more likely to be a more famous name. People will sing songs and remeber you in poetry trust me (might be all swear words but non the less poetry!

This way you can drag your own ancestors name through shit and not my Dasam Pita\'s - You know you bad, tough and brave enough to not hide behind the surname Singh come on stop this monkey business.

Serve the one who created you serve his sangat as you was menat too too easy to opt out but this is teh only chance. Feel the joy! All other joy is false, the true anand is being at the feet at the creator and being under his roof. What anand! No one can describe it and you wont beleive it and have slowly allowed your mind and soul to rot away.
0 #23 Marmite cant get enough of it!Marmite 2008-03-03 17:33
This is the problem that many do not see gloryfying degeneration of women from a punjabi point of view is not on and that is my beleive. The sex industry is doing its best to promote this rubbish and has many £s to s[censored]d mere individuals like me only have this blog space and will always oppose at all costs and all odds.
0 #22 More MarmiteMarmite 2008-03-03 17:32
Maalwa Records = Angels Lapdance Joint
both at 133 High Street West Brom (god they getting free advertisment even from my Blog!) Sorry sex industry boys you do your adverts to call in the punters and the likes of me are doing our advertising to call in folk to be socially more responsible nothing personal free world hey! but how do guys that worship Dulla/Bhagat Singh etc etc go from to completely different ideologies? thats a million dollar question?? Please pimps if you ever read this blog answer...
0 #21 message to PimpMarmite 2008-03-03 17:06
Pimp you the producer? and you the one bored as you viewing these blogs. Me I am 100% passionate about Bhangra always have been always will be.
Obviously with a name like pimp you are the new modern punjabi mundey ready to claim that being a pimp is some how iconic and heroic. News for you bro some of us values and respect our past and others mothers and sisters. Hence upset and want a change. You think it cool to be a pimp go see what the sex industry is about educate yourself if you can.

This argument is fundamental to the way the industry is going at the ex[censored]se of our Punjabi reputtion which is being turned to mud for a quick buck! Punjabi\'s are known for thier valour, respect, equal rights, fighting for freedom no way do I want them to be known as pimps or exploiters of women.

If no one raises a voice this will become the norm. All you new kids run around flying the sikh flag or hindu flag, run around claiming to be sikhs or hindus, run around dreaming of bigging up the likes of Bhagat Singh/Udam Singh - THEN you do the complete opposite - Who are your heroes what did they stand for and what and who are you take a look in the mirror! and do something good for once.
0 #20 -Ish- 2008-03-01 14:30
The comments did not reflect the contents of the post; by stating that the site allowed such behavior is incorrect. At the request of the artist the contents of a previous post were deleted.

So you slate the comments on the post made are abusive and non related? So why have the artist not requested them to be removed? [censored]ren as you state do visit the site and we have always stated that "You understand and agree that SimplyBhangra.C om is not responsible for any content posted by third parties!" and therefore we do not monitor every single post and we not sit here making sure every single comment is correct and of \'legal-age!\'

Clearly you have an issue with the [censored] and this post in particular and that should be directed to us - and good voice your thoughts and I did delete the comment you made as it was relating to remarks made by readers, and you than moved to make comments regarding the site. Good for you have a snapshot and thank you for the free advertising you will be doing for us.

And YES until we have direct contact from the artist/label the comments remain, voice your thoughts, express them and thats whats important not amending posts to reflect the site is wicked, doing a good job etc
0 #19 lol.Guest 2008-03-01 14:07
typical from [censored]s they removed my post yet leave the rest. my post to [censored]s will be appearing on other sites as i took a snapshot of the post and its [censored] comments.

tut tut.
0 #18 pimp 2008-02-29 23:05
marmite..what ever man u bored or something
0 #17 No lapdacing in Punjabi videosMarmite 2008-02-29 16:20
Why would they change? the songs make it to the media cause a storm good or bad they get to make a quick buck while we get laughed at.

Look at lyrics such as dj swami - \"fu**ing you girl up in the corner\"

Yeah right! firstly most girls are not liek that and secod I\'d like him to speak to me in person like that!

We have got a deep unique heritage yet some how todays youth are more inclined to be wannabe T-pac\'s with a fake gangster image 999 when they can\'t handle the heat.

It is about time the public woke up and instead of blasting the music first actually sat down and understood the lyrics and message being potrayed! which is often obscence, sexist and blatantly cannot be played in front of the producers own mother let alone mine!

We all claim we are not sexist or racist etc etc. Yet when it comes to bhangra music we are more than happy to blast the tune advocating the complete oppsite of who we claim we are!

Master Rakesh is not the only one most bhangra lyrics are obscence and fit right into Indian ideology of male domination, castism and supression of the weak.

Most often the bhangra industry proudly displays its punjabi sikh background. So I bring faith / religion into it as often these fools sing 100 dirty foul mouthed songs then release 1 religious album. As if one good deed will outway 100 bad ones - mentally they know they are taking the P with the stuff they do but can\'t help so often re[censored]t hence the once in a decade religious album. Well at least they value a good deed!

Where there is no Dharam there is no Sharam, and where there is no sharam there is no dharam. Undhramik folk are best kept away from they see me and you as a quick buck and their eyes are on our sisters, daughters and even mothers!

There are 1000 plus topics to sing about but all we get is booze girls more booze more girls. What ever hap[censored]ed to singing about the great heroes, great events of today and yesterday. If we sang about real heroes perhaps kids today would have real icons and idols to aspire to rather than a bunch of pimps who can\'t leave there own pimp joint as there muscles have gotten to big to pass through their own doors!

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