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Inside-Man aka Nikka Sev - ‘CHAMKAUR’ – Guru Gobind Singh Ji (Full Video)

After months of anticipation, Inside-Man aka Nikka Sev releases his track, ‘CHAMKAUR’ – Guru Gobind Singh Ji across the nation, watch full video here.

The track inspired by the formidable sacrifices of the two elder Sahibzaade, and the 40 other Singh’s who broke the backs of 125,000 Moguls in the battle of Chamkaur Sahib in December 1708.

Such amazing feats of gleaming bravery have been the pillars of our Faith. The inspiring vocals, music and the spine tingling lyrics provide a blend that will bring to life that historical day that Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji and their band of lions roared into that annals of history. Tales of unimaginable pain, anguish and agony gripped that day, but also tales of unmatched heroism, valour and bravery also shone that day by our fallen brothers.

The traditional Punjabi Dhad, Sarangi and Kaveeshar fused with contemporary music pay a fitting tribute to them, and instill an overwhelming sense of pride within us. The brave soldiers of Sikhi have not been forgotten, and their legacy will continue to live through this track.

Hi-Tech Music Presents – ‘CHAMKAUR’ Guru Gobind Singh Ji

Music: Inside-Man

Vocals: Jass Sandhu & Nikka Sev

Lyrics: Satnam Budhanwalia

Percussion: Bhupinder Tubsy

Sarangi: Jatinder Singh Shergill

Bass Guitar: David Amar

Artwork: Inquisitive Illustration The track can be purchased and available from iTunes on (26th April 2012).

Chamkaur – Guru Gobind Singh Ji (feat. Jass Sandhu, Nikka Sev) - Single - Inside Man