Channi Singh & Mona Singh - Sabhe Ghat Ram Bole (Out Now)

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This Vaisakhi, the Godfather of Bhangra, Channi Singh (Alaap), releases a remastered edition of Alaap’s shabad gurbani album ‘Sabhe Ghat Ram Bole’.

Featuring a beautiful collection of shabads from the Guru Granth Sahib, this album also includes new shabads by Channi Singh’s daughter Mona Singh
(Princess of Bhangra) and internationally renowned raagi Veer Manpreet Singh (‘Tuhi…Tuhi’ wale).

Originally released in 1988, ‘Sabhe Ghat Ram Bole’ was the first shabad album to be produced by a Bhangra band in the UK. Made in their own unique
style, Channi Singh along with his legendary band Alaap went full circle with this album, which received new heights and received great acclaim. The
band, which formed in 1977, began by reciting shabad kirtan in gurdwaras and as a tribute to where they originally started from, ‘Sabhe Ghat Ram Bole’ was created.

Now due to public demand, ‘Sabhe Ghat Ram Bole’ is being re-released for all gurbani lovers and will be available at all good music stores and also available to download on iTunes.

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