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Nasa Munir - Mahi (Out Now)

'Mahi' is the name of the brand new song by Nasa Munir, out now worldwide!

Mahi is a very soulful song which helps us remember the moments we have cherished with people we have loved, cared for, been inspired by. Although 'Mahi' may seem just a sad love song, it can easily be interpreted for anyone who maybe missing their loved ones. Calling back the precious memories.

The message of the song has really been portrayed beautifully by the talented vocalist Nasa Munir.

Beautiful lyrics in Punjabi written by MM (Asif) and music produced/composed by Priyesh Dhoolab from Birmingham.

This track is for those days when you just wanna have a great drive down memory lane or just wanna enjoy a relaxing evening.

Nasa & Priyesh are two very talented artists from the heart of Birmingham working together on bringing out good music. They have formed a very strong team together at 3rd Floor Studios and remain very humble about what they do.

You can purchase and download you're own copy of the song by searching 'MAHI - Nasa Munir' on iTunes. It is also available on Googleplay and all other major digital platforms.

You can follow Nasa on social media to stay tuned for more exciting things to come. The video for Mahi is also coming out on YouTube soon.

Instagram: iamnasamunir