Raj Bains & PBN - Thori Thori (Out Now)

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Raj Bains & PBN return with 'Thori Thori' - brand new single out now on iTunes!

The dynamic duo; PBN and Raj Bains are back for 2015 with an extra get together anthem. Having widely toured internationally the group are finally again ready to launch their brand new single 'THORI THORI'.

Last 12 months the duo collaborated on formally the perfect selling Bhangra single of 2014 'Phatte Chuk Di'. The single additionally went onto winning an award for 'excellent Sound Recording' on the world noted and prestigious p.C.Punjabi track Awards.

'Thori Thori' represents what good Bhangra tune is all about; suppose good lyrics, firing beats and basslines with an infectiously catchy hook. This laced with certainly one of UK's best punjabi vocals is no doubt on its option to being a sure hearth hit!

"Thori Thori is likely one of the first of many releases i have lined up for the approaching months. This single is correct to what i am about and what my fanatics would anticipate from me...Undiluted difficult hitting Bhangra! We now have toured generally over the last few years however I thinkin it is absolutely time to center of attention extra on new song, so watch this house". PBN.


-1 #7 Same Old. whyJussssssss 2015-09-25 17:59
I really thought this was going to be something different by not all. music is so basic. Raj Bains needs to leave PBN and go to Tru Sckool since his Voice is very Folk.
Superstar and Phatte Chake di were great but this is bad.
dilbagh singh
0 #6 gooddilbagh singh 2015-09-16 19:23
Bot besabri nal intzaar hai new songs da best wishes
jasdeep singh12
+4 #5 mrjasdeep singh12 2015-08-25 12:31
This should be a banger
desi ranjha
+7 #4 RE: Raj Bains & PBN - Thori Thori (Out Soon)desi ranjha 2015-07-10 13:19
Quoting The verge:
Lets see if it sounds just like his last 25 releases

so true this comment killed it same old music and dhol loops
+8 #3 RE: Raj Bains & PBN - Thori Thori (Out Soon)0000 2015-07-10 12:53
Its aj meh peeni part 2 but since raj bains is on vocals it should be a banger
The verge
+9 #2 RE: Raj Bains & PBN - Thori Thori (Out Soon)The verge 2015-07-09 20:08
Lets see if it sounds just like his last 25 releases
0 #1 mrHarry123456789 2015-07-08 19:41
I think that this song is gonna be a banger pbn always releases good tunes in the past

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