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MC Special's - Something Special (Out Now)

MC Special's "Something Special" Promo Trailer ..

   Produced by x1x Film & Design. 

MC Special has carefully developed a diverse and successful musical career since his induction to the world of Bhangra by Sukshinder Shinda in 2002. He is that special breed of an MC and Music Producer who brings sensitivity and credibility to his work. Whatever genre of Punjabi/urban music he is working in, he takes pride in his music and pushes the beat in his own unique style.

VIP Records are excited to bring you exciting bhangra beats from MC Special - direct from London UK!! Since making waves in the music industry as an MC and music producer, he has worked with some of the most talented people in the bhangra scene. Having released tracks in the past with Sukshinder Shinda, Aman Hayer, Lembher Hussainpuri, KS Makhan, Ryan Singh, J Deep and having worked on albums such as Pure Desi Volume 2, Gal Sunja, Usual Yardies, Genie-Us, Groundshaker, Reminisce, Dholicious, First Round, Dhol Beats and Wont Look Back; he’s taken his unique flavour and made an impact all around the world. He’s diverse, he’s unique, he’s successful and now he’s releasing his own solo album!

MC Special has spent the last two years working on this album from scratch from producing, rapping & song writing. On the album you also have a producer called E-SHANN who has helped to produce three tracks on the album. Mc Special has gone all the way with this album to look for most talent singers to feature on the album.

The vocalist on the album would not even need an introduction on there history. Vocalists include: Kaka Bhainawala, Nirmal Sidhu, Feroz Khan, Manak-E and many more…

‘Something Special’ will be supported with 2 videos, one which has just been shot by x1x film and video. Album will be releasing in the UK, India, Canada and Pakistan

The album ‘Something Special’ will be releasing end of November 2007.




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Track listing:

1) Aaar Paar  - Nirmal Sidhu

2) Nachna Aunda Nehi  - Kaka Bhainiawala

3) Jann Kadhde - Manak-E

4) Bounce - Kiranpreet

5) Jee Karda - Nirmal Sidhu

6) Goosa - Manak-E

7) Mukh - Feroz Khan

8) Mitran Di Dang Nishan - Behramia

9) Jee Karda (DnB Remix)  - Nirmal Sidhu

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