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Transformers ? Tha Indianz (Produced By: Sureet of Digital Desi)


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Washington D.C. & Toronto, Canada – Who knew that surfing the web could help an artist musically! By accidently finding Sureet's website by fluke and communicating for about three to four years, Toronto-based rappers, Tha Indianz and acclaimed producer, Sureet Sandhu of Digital Desi Productions, finally sat down to release a track unlike any other. The end product was a track titled, "Transformers."


The track starts off with, "One shall stand and one shall fall." Standing true to the message, one producer is standing tall as he released a 2-disc mixtape, consisting of 43 tracks --- something that today's urban South Asian music scene has never seen. Sureet Sandhu has a mission of bringing forth the best talent in today's urban South Asian music scene. Collaborating with The Indianz, who rap, " We're more than what meets the eyes…So haters be advised, we dealin' more than music, it's the prime enterprise," they've released a track to try to expose the lessons we've learned in life before we reach the end of our life.


"Transformers," features Pacifik and his partner in crime, Daku. The track pleased the duo so much that it is also going to be featured on their album entitled, The Indianz. Pacifik stated, "We came up with the concept 'cause the movie Transformers just hit the theaters when Sureet sent the beat. The hook came out tight and of course the mix down with the movie samples is hella tight!"


As the duo raps, "This game is ours!"

To download track, please right-click HERE and "Save Target As."

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