Truth Hurts" by Vinaypal Buttar

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The Sound Pipe Records is set to Release the Long Awaited Album "Truth Hurts" by Vinaypal Buttar out 10/08/07.

The Sound Pipe Records presents Vinaypal Buttar, the dynamic and talented singer. Vinaypal is set to release is debut album Truth Hurts. He was born in Punjab and has come from a diverse musical upbringing. Whilst studying in Punjab, he met up with the famous Harbhajan Maan, who accepted him as a singer to join him as part of his band. Vinaypal, now sings along side the world famous Harbhajan Maan touring the world. He has learnt many skills and talents which he has put forward to this album. Vinaypal is an excellent writer and composer, and has written many tracks for Gursewak and Harbhajan Maan. 


With the amazing production skills of The Sound Pipe Records, this album has a variety of Bhangra, RnB, Drum n Bass styles of music. Watch out for the accompanying music video playing on all major music channels featuring Harbhajan Mann releasing very soon on The Sound Pipe Records.



The track listing for "Truth Hurts" is:


  1. Truth Hurts
  2. Dream Girl
  3. Nishani
  4. Lak Lachak
  5. Marak Nal
  6. Nachde Punjabi
  7. Sharab
  8. Boliyan

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