JINX - Jus Jinx (Now Released)

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Dubz and Jogi, better known to many as Jinx, are back with their brand new album - “Just Jinx”. The Manchester duo have written and produced their new 8 track album, which will be released on Monday 23rd July. The new album will deliver a mix of Desi pop songs but more importantly it has a fusion of qwali slow ballads and cool Brit-Asian music, the signature sound of Jinx!


“Just Jinx” features artists such as Billa Sahota, Sheik, Bhangwant and hot new rapper, Intenso plus the Qwali sensation Javed Bashir. A brand new video for the album featuring two tracks tilted “Dil Da Janni” and “Tere aashiq” have been made into a medley and can be see on b4u music in the month of July. The first part of the medley, Dil da Jaani is a modern fusion of qwali with the cool hip sound that only Jinx can deliver along with the amazing vocals of Javed Bashir; while the second part of the medley is a modern funky tune (Tere asshiq) which features rapper, intenso and the vocals of Bhagwant.


Alongside the new album, Jinx are the voice of the month throughout July on B4U Music. You can also catch their videos on bajo, kadak, full volume, naach and fresh. The video will be up on the jinx website by the end of the week, until then, the promos of the album are up on

We are going to need everybody's support in getting both songs (Dil Da Jaani & Tere Aashiq) into the charts so please vote in the following ways:


Club Asia
Call 0208 594 4422, TEXT DJ 64477 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Sunrise Radio

You can also catch Jinx in your town as they visit each town and city with their national press tour promoting their new album.

Thanks again for all your support. See you soon!


Team Jinx


0 #2 Video -Saleem 2008-01-17 19:14
Shame about the videos, but decent songs :sad:
0 #1 koolanonymous 2008-01-17 16:32
kidha dis album has gd songs a shame about the videos wid hoes n sluts dancing around why dnt they call there song punjab nachda 2 hoes nachdai. why not have it traditional and good to watch wid families. plus u would get much more popular thn hoes dancing around in dere bare bodies yuk!!. great singer (billa sahota) but he wastes his time singing for shit videos.

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