“Bhangra Chick” - Kidd Skilly (Out Now)

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Kidd Skilly, an up and coming hip-hop artist and the latest phenomenon out of the “Motor City”,
Detroit, Michigan, is on his way to greatness as he explores a new genre of music. Born and
brought up in southwest Detroit and of Mexican-Indian heritage, Kidd Skilly’s cultural
experiences have had strong impacts on the uniqueness of his style and flow. His love for
exploring new types of music and delving deeper than the mainstream has made him what he is
today; more than a rapper or even musician, but an artist on every level. Because his interests
were in underground and undiscovered music while growing up, Kidd Skilly has become very
devoted to creating music with a purpose. He has been inspired by artists that are not afraid to
“get political” and vows to live without classification as he produces his versatile music—
allowing him to be true to his name, the “Pride of the People.”


Kidd Skilly is now back with a bang with his newest release, “Bhangra Chick!” This club rocking
track is the latest out of Kidd Skilly, who continues to give audiences one lyrical treat after
another. Kidd Skilly truly shows his versatility and displays his myriad of global influences on
this track as he rocks between English lyrics, Punjabi hooks, solid hip-hop beats, and the classic
Punjabi Vaja (or harmonium). “Bhangra Chick” brings to the forefront a new and fresh South
Asian experience as Kidd Skilly becomes more mature and premiers his Punjabi rap and vocal
skills along side of his witty lyrics.


Through “Bhangra Chick” and its video, we get an opportunity to see the real Skilly, a mature
and insightful young artist that just wants to have some fun! Skilly’s relaxed demeanor
demonstrates his comfort with the artist he has become and the body of work he brings to the
current music scene. In the “Bhangra Chick” music video, Skilly makes magic on camera with
the Michigan State University Bhangra Dance Team and a stage-worthy cast of hip-hop
dancers. The video is the perfect showcase of Kidd Skilly’s past, present, and future releases.
It begins with a hint at Skilly’s last chartbuster, “Nachna,” proceeds through “Bhangra Chick,”
and ends with a teaser of Skilly’s next release “Ni Sohniye.” Kidd Skilly has proven to be one of
the most promising new artists, supported by the latest hip-hop sensation, Akon, who is featured
on his next release singing, “Yo Skilly! I’m in your neck of the woods now…”


Keep a look out for Kidd Skilly’s latest summer jam, “Bhangra Chick,” a bona fide, club banging
track that is sure to rock the nation!


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