Djinn - Just A Thought

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Djinn is an acclaimed singer, producer, songwriter and artist developer. Born in Oxford (UK), his father, being of Asian and Puerto Rican origin felt best for his son to have an eastern upbringing so subsequently Djinn moved to Pakistan at the age of 5. A wise decision as Djinn was taken through a journey that shaped him to be the man he is today. Surrounded by eastern spirituality and his natural love for music, Djinn journeyed through phases of life and the influences along the way have resulted in him developing a unique unorthodox style.


Since his return to the UK in 1992 Djinn has been involved in music as lead singer in a local school band and has been involved in music community work. This gradually evolved to being a full time DJ to fund his development as an artist. Djinn worked with numerous producers who offered him production deals but he never felt entirely comfortable as no producer he worked with could develop the sound he was trying to create.


Later on Djinn completed a degree in Computer Science and Music Technology. Since learning the art of music production, Djinn has worked with numerous artists globally on projects for Film, TV, Radio, and other media, and continues to develop artists regularly.


Djinn collaborated with Mukhtar Sahota on a charity project entitled Donasian. Djinn featured in the video and become known as “the guy in the white hoodie.” This expanded his fan base and earned him credibility on the Asian music scene.


Djinn met record producer Tom Linden. This immediately sparked an explosion of collaborative high. People have defined this style as smooth with a mellow groove to soothe. The combined production skills of Djinn and Tom Linden have set forth almost a brand new genre of music; Djinn terms the style as ‘E Vibe’ - with the ‘E’ standing for ‘Eclectic or Eastern Vibes.’


This led to the debut album by Djinn titled ‘Just A Thought.’ As joined forces for this project, Djinn and Tom Linden are known under the moniker “The Godfathers.”


Five carefully selected artists were chosen from around the world to perform on the album ‘Just A Thought’ with Djinn. They were selected for their strengths in order to successfully deliver the message. The message? The songs will make sense to different listeners at different phases in their life. The five collaborating artists are Sonia Panesar, Mehi, Manifest, Sumeet and Quest [Black Caz].


The album is like a musical diary that will give the listener an insight into a life of a man who went through hell but kept walking. This album is the sound of the scars remaining from those burns.




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