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Nikki Mehndi - Nakhra Punjaban Da


Daler Mehndi was personally involved in the making of this album, making sure that Nikki gave her best. Each song was thoroughly worked on and revisited until they were satisfied with the result. Finally they out together an album consisting of 8 melodious tracks. The songs in this album are very simple yet memorable, with a light hearted tone. Nikki Mehndi has experimented with her voice, from the dance-heavy 'Jutti Leyde Manekyaanwali' & 'Sharabwali Ankhiyan' to the soulful 'Mairee Mujhe Jane De'.


- Track Listing -

1  Jutti Leyde Mankeyaanwali     
2  Sharabwali Ankhiyan     
3  Mairee Mujhe     
4  Moonda Hanna Da     
5  Paiyaan Jhanjaran     
6  Rabb Di Sonh     
7  Jhanjharan Pawade     
8  Mairee Mujhe (Remix)     


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