DJ Vix & Miss Pooja - Gidha Pao (Out Now)

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DJ Vix releases his latest single from the album 'Chapter V' feat Miss Pooja titled 'Gidha Pao' - out via Moviebox Records.

DJ Vix releases his third single from his long awaited fifth album titled 'Chapter V'. After the mammoth release & success of the singles 'Desi Beat' feat Malkit Singh MBE & 'Marda' feat Hunterz, DJ Vix once again teams up with another iconic name in Punjabi music.

'Gidha Pao' is another exhilarating dancefloor anthem that features the Queen of Punjabi music 'Miss Pooja', on an energetic high energy number!

Sure to rock wedding & club dancefloors across the world, 'Gidha Pao' is an up-tempo number that has seen DJ Vix call on master muscians Sunil Kalyan & Juggy Rihal (Legends Band) who are both expert percussionists!

Vix is no stranger to having songs that dominate the dancefloor with recent releases including 'Desi Boliyan', 'Chit Karda' & 'Ah Chak' all achieving huge success.

The colourful & enigmatic video for 'Gidha Pao' was shot in India and the song will see its worldwide release on 26th June via Moviebox Records.


Tee singhh
+4 #3 CheatersTee singhh 2014-06-27 16:04
Why is that these music producers have to choose a remake of a classic tune these days, cannot they think for themselves, rather than copy a classic tune all they do is ruin the music what we have.
Furthermore singers should refuse to sing a cover tune and stand by their principles rather than go against the actual singer who sung the song in the first place.
+4 #2 RE: DJ Vix & Miss Pooja - Gidha Pao (Out 26th June)soundsup 2014-06-22 15:59
Dav Virsa already released a cover for this not too long ago - Gidda Pao; which was pretty good, im not sure what the need for another one was.

When you do a cover song, generally the rule is that you do it of a relatively unknown track and that it is better than the other mixes(if any) and the original. Hearing this, it sounds poor, though im sure the DJ's will love it and continue to play it.

Although having said that i hope they continue to do mixes for well known / already released covers so that the classics remain untouched and classics
+2 #1 RE: DJ Vix & Miss Pooja - Gidha Pao (Out 26th June)chinajatt 2014-06-21 20:03
another cover up come on

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