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Jay Johal - The Kaka Bhaniawala Tribute (Out Now)

Jay Johal presents the Kaka Bhaniawala tribute – out now as a free download!

Hailing from Birmingham UK, Jay Johal has been connected with the Asian music scene for over a decade. Jay Johal has worked with the likes of Roshan Prince, Lehmber Hussainpuri, Daljit Mattu, Jaswinder Daghamia, Jaswinder Jassi & Miss Pooja to name just a few high calibre artists.

However, it has been his work behind the scenes which has led to Jay receiving a number of plaudits from seasoned industry veterans.

Jay Johal’s music has been rousing crowds from East to West for years now but you may never have known he was behind it. Often not even credited for his earlier works he is the mastermind behind some enormous Bhangra anthems.

"It's always good to prove your worth before blowing your own trumpet or letting others do it for you.." explains Jay .

Whilst putting the touches to his monster debut album – featuring some of the biggest global names in South-Asian music – Jay Johal has decided to pay tribute to a vocalist whom he worked closely with before his untimely death.

Kaka Bhaniawala, was undoubtedly one of the most talented vocalists of his generation and his death has left a huge void in Punjabi music. Jay Johal & Kaka Bhaniawala originally recorded the single 'Ramaal' together. It is this song that Jay Johal has re-worked and will release as a free download on June 30th. The tribute will be releasing as a free download via Soundcloud.

Jay Johal has decided to do this tribute track dedicated to Kaka Bhainiawala as he felt that this was owed to an artist that had just began his career and broke the industry but left us at the wrong time.

“I worked closely with Kaka before his death and we recorded this song 'Ramaal' together. The free download is just my way of paying respect to one of the best vocalsits of a generation”

Jay Johal – The Kaka Bhaniawala Tribute is out 30th June as a free download  EXCLUSIVELY via's Soundcloud.


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