Jeff Chana - Golden Girl (Out Now)

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Jeff Chana, aged 21, is an upcoming British/Asian Singer-Songwriter, and Co-Record Producer. Born and raised in London, he grew up in a musical family, and now is ready to make his mark within the music industry as a solo artist.

Whilst growing up, he taught himself to sing, developing his vocals and started performing in small venues around London. Jeff Chana has gained experience in the studio, working alongside different producers within the industry, including his eldest brother 'Danny C'. The time spent in the studio, Jeff Chana's hard work has now been rewarded as he is now ready to release his first official debut single titled 'Golden Girl'.

Influenced by artists, such as, Michael Jackson, Bruno Mars, and Pharrel Williams, Jeff Chana's music is categorised in the genres of, Soul, Funk, Pop, And R&B. Quoted, "these artist have had a huge influence towards my music and ideas...".

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