Jassi Sidhu & PBN - Singh (Out Now)

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Jassi Sidhu is back with his new single 'Singh' alongside PBN! The song is out now worldwide under Vanjhali Records!

When the ambassador of UK Bhangra music Jassi Sidhu and the hit-maker PBN come together this summer for the year’s biggest collaboration, it’s safe to assume that Bhangra fans worldwide are going to have to sit up and take notice.

Jassi Sidhu is cemented as one of the UK’s biggest international artists...PBN has a hit list of dance floor anthems unparalleled in recent times.

Now two of the greatest ever talents in the Brit Asian music scene come together to bring you ‘SINGH’ a track to light up the summer and resonate across dance floors worldwide.

‘SINGH’ is a culmination of months of hard work bringing together two of the most distinctive style’s to originate from the UK shores to create a dance floor anthem, that Punjabi music lovers worldwide will instantly connect with.

The song itself pays homage to the character traits, vibrancy and individuality that is associated with being a modern day ‘SINGH’ fused with a backing track that delivers the perfect illustration of traditional with a twist.

‘SINGH’ is the latest chapter in an incredible journey taken by two artists who have lit up the music scene globally with their own distinct styles.

Jassi Sidhu went from being the lead singer of 90’s boy-band B21 to reinventing himself as one of the UK’s most successful solo artist’s. With multiple international hit album’s such as ‘reality check’ & ‘The New Adventures of Jassi Sidhu’ and world-class collaborations with the likes of Yo Yo Honey Singh, Malkit Singh and Rishi Rich, Jassi Sidhu has underlined his status as the UK’s finest global export of the last 2 decades.

Producer, singer & songwriter PBN has released multiple award winning studio album’s & singles and worked with some of the finest vocalist’s in the industry. Song’s such as ‘Fitteh Moo’ and ‘Kaun ni Jaanda’ continuously highlight why he is the man with the magic dance floor formula. The hit maker has also launched his very own collective in ‘TEAM PBN’ churning out more hits and success than ever before with his fresh venture.

June 2014 now see’s the most recognizable voice of his generation Jassi Sidhu join forces with the UK’s most sought after producer PBN and bring to the masses, a song that will have them singing along and throwing their hands up in the air like never before.

With such an extensive catalogue of hit’s and a wealth of experience between them Jassi Sidhu & PBN are about to unleash their best work to date on the world. This is big Britsh Bhangra at its finest.

If you’ve got SINGH in your name it’s time to sing it loud and proud because...

...2014 is definitely going to be remembered as the summer of ‘SINGH’.


Tee singhh
+2 #37 Same oldTee singhh 2014-07-21 13:04
The track is simple and useless.
Pbn has not got a clue about music and it's direction
Jassi sidhu needs a reality check is a singer or a squeeky playback singer for a mouse
Please give up fella
Tee Singhh
jazzy k
+4 #36 RE: Jassi Sidhu & PBN - Singh (Out Now)jazzy k 2014-06-30 20:49
pbn needs to give up.. this is the same old stuff.

looking forward to collaborations 3 !! from a proper producer
+10 #35 Songsingh95 2014-06-29 11:01
This Pbn sound is becoming so repetitive and crap, he needs to get a new ghost producer.
+6 #34 RE: Jassi Sidhu & PBN - Singh (Out Now)0000 2014-06-28 10:22
Why is jassi sidhu calling this an anthem, how long has it been out seriously stop blowing ur own trumpet
0 #33 RE: Jassi Sidhu & PBN - Singh (Out Now)0000 2014-06-28 09:43
This is just typical tak tak tak production
+7 #32 TuttiTuttiSidhu 2014-06-26 12:53
Crap production and crap vocalist as always next man can't even pronounce punjabi words never mind sing punjabi and singh songs. It is his time to actually retire for both pbn and Tutti Sidhu. The lyrics are nothing new taken from a Foji and Miss Pooja song dafa hoja.
+9 #31 RE: Jassi Sidhu & PBN - Singh (Out 26th June)Sirh_dardh 2014-06-25 20:00
Tutti Sidhu back again.......... Borrrrring!
Ambassador of what?
+8 #30 RE: Jassi Sidhu & PBN - Singh (Out 26th June)0000 2014-06-25 15:23
Heard this track the production is crap
+1 #29 RE: Jassi Sidhu & PBN - Singh (Out 26th June)soundsup 2014-06-24 15:48
Quoting 0000:

i got all jassi albums they were good but not on the B21 level the guy is workin with fakes like pbn, they beggin for support on twitter

They were good yeah, nothing major though i agree. the B21 of old was the best during By Public Demand, but the new album is missing his voice. Production is great but vocals really needed jassi. Just imagine Dil Tarkeh with Jassi - the real Darshan Part 2.

Jassi had PBN on his last album, the track was nothing special though. But this should be okay, Jassi needs a good producer, his own produced tracks were decent.

Ideally Moviebox should have got them to re-join and release one last album, it would have done wonders for the industry.
+7 #28 Jassi Sidhu & PBN - Singh (Out 26th June)Vincent 2014-06-24 12:31
lol another hyped press release
0 #27 RE: Jassi Sidhu & PBN - Singh (Out 26th June)chinajattt 2014-06-24 00:59
Raftaar Singh has claimed to writing and composing three tracks, the title track, Banjarey and Dhup Chik.

Although Fugly's title track and Banjarey has credits with Yo Yo Singh officially, Dhup Chik has Raftaar's name to it but it has been written by Yo Yo Honey Singh.

According to Honey Singh in a leading tabloid, he said, "I think I have met Raftaar only once. I have only two songs in the film - Fugly and Banjarey and there is no other song of mine in it, nor am I claiming it."

However, Raftaar retorted to Honey's statement and said, "Yo Yo and I wrote and composed these two songs. I have no idea why I am not being credited for the other one. I wrote Dhup Chik about three years ago. If I tell you that one of his most famous songs, Dope Shope, was also written by me, how would he react?
+1 #26 RE: Jassi Sidhu & PBN - Singh (Out 26th June)0000 2014-06-23 17:31
Quoting soundsup:
Quoting 0000:

B21 album was better than all jassi albums

You can't honestly believe that.

B21's album was hyped too much, its got 2/3 good tracks but the rest are poor. Jassi Sidhu has done better than these two. Their ego got in the way this time round. JS hasn't had great albums but he has maintained his sound and always tried something new, even if it was utterly terrible. Musically it sounds great but like i said vocally its poor. Bhota cannot sing nor can that Bilga dude.

Jassi has done well to even survive musically after the split, he wouldn't have made 4 albums if people didn't want/like it

Don't always believe the hype

i got all jassi albums they were good but not on the B21 level the guy is workin with fakes like pbn, they beggin for support on twitter

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