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Dass Patoleya - Gabbar & Laddu

They say ..

"Our art, our love, our culture is music, born in Punjab Nakodar, Pind Mohem known as Baba Bhai Khazan Singh Ji Wala. Music pumped through our veins at the age of three.

We moved from our mother land at the age of five and were raised in towns of Sydney & Griffith, in Australia.   The turning point of our lives was the year of 1996, when we encountered the phenomenal voice of Bha Ji Surjit Bindrakhia. Not only did his voice enthuse us to sing but cultivated us to become who we are today.

There are many things which have made us who we are today, put simply we believe Greatness comes with passion, love and pain. Without our music we are simply a blank canvas. Hungry for life, our music has been created to be able to give pleasure, sorrow and love, for everyone to share. The only commitment we ask of you is to come on the journey with us through our music."

(Good Luck To Them From All Of Here)


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