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?Vaisakhi ? The Birth of Khalsa?

The newly formed independent record label “THREE RECORDS” are proud to present, with the blessings of god, its first release “Vaisakhi – The Birth of Khalsa”

For the first time in the history of British Asian music,  some of the leading names in the industry have come together to jointly feature and take part in not ‘just an album’, but a movement to inspire and educate its listeners by uniquely presenting the historical events of Vaisakhi.

Artists like RDB, Manak-E, Sahara, Binder, N S Chauhan, Sangra Vibes to name but a few have combined musical and lyrical forces to present a pioneering new spiritual album dedicated to the Sikh holy day of Vaisakhi.

Spearheaded by the RDB Brothers, this project has been created to give not only a respected overview of our glorious history, but also as a learning tool for so many youths of today who may not know why or what the celebration of Vaisakhi is all about.

Musically, the project has, in its majority been produced by the RDB brothers who now reside in both the UK and Canada.

“We wanted to present this project in such a way that both the elder and younger, 1st 2nd and 3rd generations from across the world would find this album both lyrically and musically appealing. Even if only one person learns one thing from it, we will honestly feel like our efforts have been fulfilled.”  Kuly from RDB.


- Track Listing -

1. The Beginning… (RDB / NS Chauhan)
2. Panj Pyare (Binder / NS Chauhan / Herbie Sahara / Harjog Singh / Manak-E / RDB)
3. Kalgidhar De Sher (NS Chauhan)
4. Vaisakhi (Jasvir Dhanjal CANADA)
5. The 10 Masters (RDB / NS Chauhan)
6. Singh Soormey (Manak-E)
7. Udhaar (Bhangra Brothers GERMANY)
8. Khalsa Nai Mukna (Binder)
9. Janam Khalse Da (Ram Singh Mustfapur CANADA / Sona Talwar CANADA)
10. Guru Gobind Singh Ji (Manjeet Ral RDB / Sukhpal Singh)
11. Vadhaiyan (DP / Sangra Vibes)
12. Saj Jao (Herbie Sahara)
13. Sikhi Da Boota (Harjog Singh / Surindar Kaur)
14. Bole So Nihaal (Harjog Singh)
15. Trailers

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