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Sukhi Dosanjh - Gabru


Gabru is the debut album from Glaswegian singer/songwriter Sukhi Dosanjh - writers: S. Dosanjh, A Burmy & K Burmy - watch the video to Gussa of the album here!

Sukhi has been writing poetry and songs for a number of years, performing at events arranged by local Punjabi poetry circles. His writing has been praised highly by his contemporaries, who encouraged him to record his work. Recordings with internationally renowned Glaswegian Punjabi brothers Tigerstyle. The album titled Gabru LP features his debut single Ghagre Dee as well as the current video single Gussa. Videos for Gabru and Dhiyan will follow in the coming weeks.

01 Ghagre Dee
02 Gussa
03 Dhiyan
04 Sardar
05 Gabru
06 Sharab
07 Kher
08 Chand Takyia Lai
09 Sijda
10 Jaan

Gabru LP releases on Soldier Sound Recordings on 6th Feb 2014.