Kulvinder Johal ft Kaos Productions - Nach Nach Ke (Out Now)

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Kulvinder Johal returns with Nach Nach Ke produced by Kaos Productions! The single is out on VIP Records.



Best known for tracks like;‘Mundeh Punjabi’, ‘Gubindhi’, ‘Sun Baliye’and the international smash hit ‘JohalBoliyan’, KulvinderSingh Johal was born and raised in Jandiala, a village in Jalandhar, Punjab. Having created waves in UK and Europe, Johalreached out to the masses with his debut album ‘Mundeh Punjabi’ and took his sound worldwide, including India, Canada and America.

Kulvinder Singh Johal received 2 awards at the PTC Punjabi Music Awards 2012, one of the most prestigious Punjabi music awards.Johal won ‘Best Folk Album’ and ‘Best Bhangra Song of the Year’ for the title track of his album, ‘Mundeh Punjabi’.Johal also took to the main stage and performed in front of a massive crowd and other big names from the Punjabi Music Industry.

Since the release of ‘Mundeh Punjabi’, Kulvinder Singh Johal has been busy in the studio working on new material and returns with his brand new single, ‘Nach Nach Ke’, produced by the dynamic duo, Kaos Productions. ‘Nach Nach Ke’ will be the first track to be released from Kulvinder Singh Johal’s forthcoming untitled album and like ‘Johal Boliyan’, ‘Nach Nach Ke’ is set to be the next dance floor anthem!

Kulvinder Singh Johal returns with his first track for 2013 and is ready to unleash his powerful vocals again. Prepare yourself for ‘Nach Nach Ke’ out soon on VIP Records.



Nach Nach Ke (feat. Kaos Productions) - Single - Kulvinder Johal



pepsi max
+7 #29 pepsi max 2013-02-09 13:55
@ weeman

everyone should copy paste this when a crap song comes and a groupie or family member tries to defend it
excellent work, finally someone in this website with some sense
+13 #28 Weeman 2013-02-09 12:57
According to your failed logic the following is not allowed.

Since me, realist, popstar etc. with a critical sense of music with purpose to demand quality, presumable are "failed producers" by "logic", therefore the following should also be accepted:

1. Get rid of lawyers, since they can't be every profession in the world they defend or accuse.

2. Get rid of all journalist of movies, music and news since they are not the moviemakers, producers or the victim of a war themselves.

3. Get rid of the word "consumer", and let the business be based on having "pity" on someone because they are family related, friends or in your a groupie.

4. Let's get back dictators telling you what to like or not.

5. Let's get rid of education in all fields and make it a self-study course which can be done in bathroom, because you don't have the right to demand any professionalism.

6. If you can't accept the truth, attack it!!

You guys should be politicians in India.

i like KJ!
+6 #27 Weeman 2013-02-09 12:46
Quoting Yeah Bowi:
Quoting BallyG4:

Singh you forgot to mention Realist and Weeman in your names)

Agree with you!

I'm kinda thankfull that you guys won't be politicians, lawyers or anyone who will take a job which involves decision making or judgement which will effect or involve other people :lol:

Seriously this is lame. You people don't understand what a consumer, audience or even journalist is without "forcing" them to become singers, doctors, lawyers, moviemakers, producers or even teachers before they criticize/compl ain (about) a product/service which is not worth the money.

I'm thankfull to God that you guys won't be involved in any kind of decision making for the people :-) Imagine having a ill family member, but you were not allow to criticize/compl ain of even file a case for the cause of death, just because if you're not a doctor yourself?

Failed and wasted logic. No wonder politicians in India are corrupted.

Btw i like KJ!
0 #26 Rahsi 2013-02-09 11:40
Heard this fully on Nihals show and did they copy the composition to 'RAHSI NACH PATALO'???


Musical Genius :lol: :lol:
Yeah Bowi
-6 #25 Yeah Bowi 2013-02-09 11:12
Quoting BallyG4:
sounds to me that the ppl claiming to know about bhangra on here, tried their best but didnt get anywhere as producers. thats why they here on msg board haha.
time to grow up popstar, untoldtruth, raj insider.

Singh you forgot to mention Realist and Weeman in your names)

Agree with you!
0 #24 Yezurrr 2013-02-09 01:20
Agree with G4, too many pussyholes on here, great vocalist, great producers, great tune.
+1 #23 BallyG4 2013-02-08 09:09
sounds to me that the ppl claiming to know about bhangra on here, tried their best but didnt get anywhere as producers. thats why they here on msg board haha.
time to grow up popstar, untoldtruth, raj insider.
+5 #22 Jagwant 2013-02-07 00:37
personally, i think its sick!! yeah the melody is similar to nach bhabiye but so what? if you dont like it then dnt buy it and thats if you do buy good music. If you are a bhangra fan you should be supporting the real artists that put their hard work and most importantly money into making music just for us and what we do is criticise? we are willing to support main stream artists and go to their events but apna music and culture has zero value? come on man walk up ppl. i wish these boys all the best and success because they deserve it. i listen to a lot of different music so im easy going. dont listen or like the music that a girl you have your eye on is listening to it and promoting it on facebook. be positive people and stop being so negative towards our Panjbi culture.
True UK bhangra fan
+9 #21 True UK bhangra fan 2013-02-06 17:21
This 'flock of sheep' like industry mentality combined with biased brethrenhood among artists is killing the quality of music in the industry. Shitty artists support other shitty artists with their "support my bro dj herpes's new single" nonsense and then try to hype each others shitty music. These pricks have no respect for bhangra music as an art.

[censored] has started making mediocre stuff like he did on the diljit album(even he knows it). Kaos are nothing but a replica of [censored]. For gods sake you must be deaf if you didnt notice this.

All this talk about bups saggu being called a producer makes me sick. Another fake that uses PBN's ghost producer / goto guy Suki chand. Give me a break fake commenters!

the only UK acts that have bothered to maintain a level of innovation are Zeus and Sanj, NOT shinda, NOT aman hayer. Everyone esle is a fading recycler , a fake or just plain talentless.
+1 #20 0000 2013-02-06 13:36
these guys were on uk bhangra culture this week, its the first time i saw them and they are very talented because they can compose songs themselves create melodies and they have quality control because they have rejected crap singers
+2 #19 theengineer 2013-02-06 12:09
both of u are wrong. kaos play instruments and produce. tru skool is close to kaos. tru skool produces too. producing means making the beat creating compositions working out melodies recording peeps and loads more. educate urselfs!

Quoting daggaa:
Quoting theengineer:
Quoting Weeman:
Who are behind "Kaos Production" and are they related to Tru Skool somehow? I just feel that their production always been similar to Tru-Skool.

two guys called amo and laki. they play instruments n that and contributed to loads of tru skool tracks which he gave credit for. most recently the back 2 basics album by diljit dossanjh

Part of the tru skool team by the looks of it, music sounding the same old nothing exicting
0 #18 UntoldTruth 2013-02-05 21:43
Quoting BallyG4:
so far most ppl commenting on this site talk a lot of shit, Hurrr was the best thing? LOL, you obviously dont know anything about music. and that popstar idiot, same old idiot who dont know shit. Jog on dikheads.





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