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Mehsopuria - Warrior



Label: Pranay Records Ltd



‘Icons are born and not made’. The talents of a young UK born and raised Mehsopuria were unearthed in December 2003, with the release of his debut ‘Mehsopuria The Album’. A true sensation had arrived on the Asian Bhangra music scene.


 Mehso (pronounced: Mess – Oh) hit #1 in UK and India, further more the album become the biggest selling debut Bhangra album worldwide in 2004…



 A powerful voice, personality bigger than Atlanta itself and a relaxed flow of rapping that is synonymous with real Hip-Hop, that’s Hollywood. This track outlines the arrival of ‘Mr International’ on the world music scene!

 Track: Patna


Feat: Hollywood

Producer: 2Dark


 An energetic, powerful and radiant fusion of International Asian and Black music, that can be best described as ‘Bhrunk’. What is ‘Bhrunk’? The answer is : when passionate Punjabi Bhangra meets the crazy U.S Hip-Hop Crunk, you get ‘Bhrunk’! An awesome combination of two great genres of music, break your neck beats, with strong cultural connections that truly represent each artist and a track that is seriously addictive.

 “This track is the new evolution of International collaborations, pioneering and unique”

 Titled ‘Patna’, translated as ‘I wonna make you mine’. The track brings together the talents of two International artists, UK born and raised Bhangra Superstar ‘MEHSOPURIA’ & the rising U.S Hip-Hop star (Atlanta’s finest) ‘HOLLYWOOD’.


The album 'WARRIOR' is out April 5th. 



- Track Listing -


- 01 - Patna Ft. Hollywood
- 02 - Mirzeyah
- 03 - Hik Utheh
- 04 - Meri Jaan Neh 
- 05 - Aashoeh 
- 06 - Maapeh Ft. Bella 
- 07 - Katho Sangdi
- 08 - Tu Meri Ft. Bella 
- 09 - Peeh Lehnde 
- 10 - Dil Thordna Ney


The album is OUT NOW!