Minda - A Teen

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The Sound Pipe Records is set to Release the Highly Anticipated Album of the year "A-Teen" by Minda out March 2007

LONDON, -- 06 March 2007 – The Sound Pipe Records announces the upcoming release of ‘A-Teen,’ the album by the British born Asian singer and songwriter Minda due in March 2007.

‘A-Teen’ is Minda’s debut album and contains 8 original dance tracks with hip-hop, urban and Punjabi Folk rhythms. The album was produced by the talented Taj-E meaning every track sounds amazing. Performing at many concerts, talent shows, events around the U.K, Minda’s distinctive young voice makes him one of the few British born Asians artist set to take over the Bhangra industry. Minda has the musical blood line of the famous singer Manmohan Varis and Kamal Heer. Not only is Minda a talented singer, he also writes traditional Punjabi lyrics, which he did for his album and is currently doing so for artists within the industry.
Music videos accompanying the tracks are currently being aired on all major music channels.
1. Punjabi Gabru
2. Nawe Lab Jane
3. Naal Nachna
4. Mitran Di Motor
5. Dil Lutdi
6. Jatta Nal Ver
7. Kinni Soni
8. Boliyan


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good song

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