Deep Jandu - In 2 Deep (Out Now)

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'In 2 Deep' is the brand new album by Toronto's very own Deep Jandu! The album is out now via VIP Records with music by DJ Surinder Rattan!

Check out few of the songs that have already been released from the album so far!



-2 #2 RE: Deep Jandu - In 2 Deep (Out Now)chinajatt 2013-12-07 10:13
video was bit funny but deep sure is talented the songs are good
+3 #1 RE: Deep Jandu - In 2 Deep (Out 5th December)Harpz. 2013-12-07 07:55
Bunch of clowns prating around in a warehouse, awful videos! Deep go back to Canada and do what you used to, learn for all the comments you are surely making yourself a third class artist and can do better!!

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