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Harj Nagra & Sukshinder Shinda - Dil Vaarda (Out Now)

Moviebox & Bobby Nagra present the debut single by Harj Nagra feat the Music Man - Sukshinder Shinda titled 'Dil Varda'!

Video By "Director Gifty"

It‟s a first for both the artists involved who‟re at opposite ends of the music radar, albeit, for now. „Dil Vaarda‟ is the debut single from Vancouver‟s newest producer Harj Nagra and features the vocals of the pioneer of Punjabi music in the UK - „The Music Man‟ Sukshinder Shinda.

Nagra‟s forthcoming album „Unexpected‟ spells out exactly what the Bhangra industry would have thought about this collaboration, and as ever, Sukshinder Shinda keeps everyone on their toes. “This is Shinda's first ever track for another music producer and something which is a huge, huge honour for me,” explains Harj from his video shoot in Los Angeles. Shot over three days in and around the locales of LA, on Hollywood Blvd and in the California desert, this video could prove to be unique in many different ways.

The most in-demand video director around, „Director‟ Gifty shoots some of the most exclusive and arguably most expensive shots for a Punjabi music video ever with some estimates making „Dil Vaarda‟ to be the biggest budget Punjabi music video to date. With $150k Lamborghini Gallardos‟, helicopters, jet fighters and a host of LA‟s hottest models on show, this KR Films Hollywood produced video finds 23 year-old Harj Nagra announcing himself to the world in a big way.

This single and the album have been in development for the best part of two years taking and the youngster has taken guidance from a number of established music names in Canada and Punjab. “This is a dream come true for me and the fact that Shinda has agreed to be part of the project and be the first track to be shot is amazing!” explained Harj.

With a reinvigorating mix of Punjabi folk, Hip Hop and R&B themes making up the rest of the album, Harj Nagra sees his career firing on all cylinders from the word go as he creates a very personal sound. Catch the video on air and listen to the sound of a new generation of music production from the West Side of Canada… be prepared for all the possibilities - expect the unexpected!

Words by Jatender Heer