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Twin Beats - Lektronik Zamana (Out Now)

twinbeats lektronik zamana

Following the release of their single 'Lok Boliyan' earlier this year, Twin Beats are back and ready to showcase their second album titled 'LEKTRONIC ZAMANA'. 13 tracks in their own unique style of phat beats, heavy bass and pure desi instruments.

Track Listing


Top of the World Ft. Nirmal Sidhu, (Lyrics: Nirmal Sidhu)

Gabru Bigad Gaya Ft. Billa Ferozepuri (Lyrics: Bhinder Khanpuri)

Has Laiyan Yaarian Ft. Aalam Jasdeep (Lyrics: Jagga Nikkuwal)

Kaali Audi Ft. Meet Malkit

Sohni Jehi Kudi Ft. Bikram Singh

Lok Boliyan Ft. Saini Surinder (Lyrics: Tari Banwalipuria)

Seva Desh Di Ft. Bakshi Billa (Lyrics: Bhinder Bhogpuri)

Kohi Gulaab Nahi Ft. Aalam Jasdeep (Lyrics: Jagga Nikkuwal)

Tohri Jehi Awaaz Ft. Inder Kooner (Lyrics: Tari Banwalipuria)

Gehdian Ft. Jaswinder Daghamia (Lyrics: Jaswinder Daghamia)

Rakhle Lakhon Ke Ft. Supnandeep Kaur

Kaali Audi Ft. Meet Malkit

"The title represents the change we have seen in our own production techniques as well as the bhangra industry as a whole, we are using more synth based sounds and more computer oriented beat making"

Lektronic Zamana serves to solidify Twin Beat's position as undisputed Bhangra producers whilst highlighting their ability to produce music which is neither monotonous nor does it subscribe to a certain formula which is prevalent in today's Bhangra industry.

Comprising of both well known and new vocalists, the album is composed of many different styles, using a varied selection of songs to create an entire project which will have people listening from start to finish.