Anil 'Mr P' Chauhan - He's Here (Out Now)

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After the release of 'Rab Utte' featuring Hema Sharma in 2010, which was given out as a free download, Anil 'Mr P' Chauhan received a lot of great feedback about the track, which was what really propelled him to make a full 8 track album.

The album would not just display my ability of making music but would simultaneously allow him to share his experience and portrayal of music with the world.

It can be quite difficult for a new credible artist to be taken seriously within the music industry with ghost producing now playing a large part in defining an artist who hasn’t actually made their own products but through perseverance, immense hard work and complete originality; I am pleased to announce that I am one of those that from start to finish, all production was done by yours truly (Making Of Chaklo Video Below)

Each track has been compiled for all different types of listeners; Ranging from a teth punjabi song like Badhal Badhal to a more sombre and emotional track like Rab Utte. With the digital market playing a major role in the distribution of all music genres, those that enjoy a certain track can purchase it without the need of buying the whole album.

Music is an indescribable passion for me, from the very start I have always said I am not in it for fame but for the world to hear and appreciate my music. One video has been shot, which was a set of scenes that occurred during the time I spent making the album. It's real music that has taken time to compose, direct and produce. All recordings except the Dilruba have been done in the UK with vocals and collaborations from the US, India and UK. 

Track Listing

1. Nacho Kolke-The Dhol Foundation And Bakshi Billa

2. Pangha - Meet Malkit

3. Badhal Badhal-Bygg V

4. Rab Utte Full Version - Hema Sharma Feat Rita Morar

5. Chaklo Chaklo - Mallika & Jyoti

6. Kali Chuni - Meet Malkit & Sudesh Kumari

7. Jaan Lagdi - Bygg V

8. Rab Utte Acoustic-Hema Sharma

The promos of each track will be out on November 12th 2013 with the full album making it’s worldwide release on November 26th 2013. I'm all for change therefore I have selected a Tuesday for it to come out, as opposed to the normal day of a Thursday.  

I hope you enjoy the album and appreciate the time it's taken to create it. By all means feel free to offer your constructive criticism to me, as it all will be taken on board and into account for future releases.

Thank you for your time in reading the above and remember look out for 'Hes Here' making its way to you on November 26th 2013 on all Major Digital Outlets and CD via MR Records. (Purchase Your Copy Legally; Follow and Support as Always)



Mr Khan
+6 #20 Worst Album ever !!!Mr Khan 2013-11-30 15:02
What a load of shit. Production very ropey a bit weak in places dont know how it took so long to record and release.
I'd give it a -10 out of 10 and thats being generous !
The only highlight was the legendary Bygg V
raz code 22
+2 #19 big hyperaz code 22 2013-11-30 14:59
There was so much hope for this album and im sorry to say... it is the feeling of waiting so long for chritmas day only to find an orange in your stocking and not the xbox you had your heart set on. It starts bad and gets progressly worse . It only took 16 years to build the golden temple a true masterpiece. Yet it took 5 years toproduce this pile of shit the mind boggles
Hillfileds HEER
+1 #18 bhangra agedHillfileds HEER 2013-11-30 13:28
he has got Diarrhea tablets in the video. FUNNY
Hillfileds HEER
+1 #17 bhangra agedHillfileds HEER 2013-11-30 13:21
this dude seems to have some ego issues as ive met him once @ Daz studio in Coventry studio. lost my respect since back then & now that this album is out might shake his ego down a bit as it is a total mess. its good to see hes tired and may be should have called his album "I'M TRYING"
love HEER
+2 #16 RE: Anil 'Mr P' Chauhan - He's Here (Out Now)1LOVE 2013-11-30 13:14
very dramatic name "HE'S HERE" but sadly it hes gone too. not hating this new guy but the first video looked weak and then it lead to him having stomach crabs looking like he had a bad kebab like i did that gave stomach crabs and then i ended up shitting hard! but hearing the album made me complain to iTunes asking for a full refund. if they dont give me one i will get trading standards involved for miss representation and misleading sale under the trading act. i give the album 0 out of 10. not hating but just take a real listen to it for god sake.
+6 #15 RE: Anil 'Mr P' Chauhan - He's Here (Out 26th November)GiveMeStrengh 2013-11-26 10:36
Shittest shit I have ever heard since the TKM Gangster..
-3 #14 RE: Anil 'Mr P' Chauhan - He's Here (Out 26th November)B.S 2013-11-15 19:22
Album sounds decent way better than whats currently been released. Look forward to this one both the lyrics and music are of high quality. Well Done
+3 #13 RE: Anil 'Mr P' Chauhan - He's Here (Out 26th November)gurmail 2013-11-14 19:33
I'm new but not a hater, i think this album was probably started a few years back! cuz it sounds like it is and the quality could have been much better.
+5 #12 RE: Anil 'Mr P' Chauhan - He's Here (Out 26th November)Realist. 2013-11-14 08:26
Its interesting to see a sudden influx of new commenters on this site who only comment on this one song, and the comments are all negative.
I wonder who Mr P has pissed off?
+2 #11 RE: Anil 'Mr P' Chauhan - He's Here (Out 26th November)bhangra123456 2013-11-14 00:41
it does not even sound like back in the 90s bhangra music. poor recording as said below. the sounds do not even go with the lyrics! 5 year in the making could of done much better.
+1 #10 RE: Anil 'Mr P' Chauhan - He's Here (Out 26th November)Critique 2013-11-13 22:53
Very weak production skills. As others have said this sounds like it's from the 90s and probably best where it should stay. All the tracks lack clarity and power. Tracks are also quite messy with instruments randomly fading in and out.
+3 #9 RE: Anil 'Mr P' Chauhan - He's Here (Out 26th November)Er 2013-11-13 21:39
Quoting T Kaur:
Well done MR P - Great music been waiting a long time for something decent to be released, cant wait for the release date of Hes Here.

So heres the gf!! LOL .. quit bro please!!

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