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Gabbar Laddu feat. Pav Dharia - Club Yaara (Out Now)

GLB Productions present the upcoming single 'Club Yaara' by Gabbar & Laddu, music by Pav Dharia - check out the full video here!

Talking about the track, "Firstly we would like to bow our heads to Waheguru Ji for blessing us with such talent. Our art, our love, our culture is music, which has been pumped through our veins at the age of three. Born in Punjab and raised in Australia, we moved from our motherland at the age of five. There are many things that have made us who we are today, but put simply, we believe greatness comes with passion, love and pain. Without our music we are simply a blank canvas. Hungry for life, our music has been created to be able to give pleasure, sorrow and love for everyone to share. The only commitment we ask of you is to come on the journey with us through our music. With love and respect, Gabbar Laddu".

"We've been away from the scene for quite some time trying to learn more about ourselves and the music that fuels our passion. We have been through our own personal journey to grow as artists from our first album Dass Patoleya, to Ho Ni Sakhda and now we bring you a special project of ours that we've been working on for quite some time. This track, titled "Club Yaara" was written by us as a reflection of what the youth of today enjoy doing.

We've collaborated with our friend Pav Dharia for over a year now, making adjustments and fine-tuning the track until we felt it was perfect enough to bring forward to our audience. We really hope that you guys will enjoy the music and the video that was directed by Balroop Sidhu right here in Sydney.

We've worked hard to bring you something that we believe is unique, releasing through our very own GLB Productions and we hope all of you guys will like it!

The full track and video will be available on youtube and all leading digital retailers Friday (15/11/13)