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Bloodline - Evolution (Out Now)

Made up of duo  Bubble & GSL - Bloodline release their new album 'Evolution' worldwide via Speed Records [India] & Envy Entertainment [Worldwide]

Check out the trailer below

Track Listing

1) Mere Haniye - Uzair Ahmed

2) Dil Dhadke - Kaur B

3) Tu Ni Aaya - Chamak Chamkila

4) Mann Di Nahi - Lehmber Hussainpuri & WhyDee

5) Papne - Gurpreet Gautam

6) Mitra Nu - G Sharmilla

7) Tu Kyu Nachdi Si - Kaka Bhainiwala

8) Kaun Tere - Rimz J

9) Dil De Sohniye - Goldy

9) Chak Ke Drivera - Jagdish Khosla & Aman Preet

10) Dil VIch Wasdi - A Ganawala

12) Dil Dhadke Remix - Kaur B

13) Tu Nahi Aaya Remix - Kaka Bhainiwala

14) Chak De Drivera Remix - Chamak Chamkila

Bloodline is the story of two brothers Bubble and GSL who found the love and spirit of music from a very young age, where they have dedicated there time, efforts and space to understanding music, listening to music and creating music. They have have studied all the different dimensions of sound and studied the boundaries to each genre of music not just staying in the Punjabi scene but looked beyond into the styles of DubStep, Electro, Drum N' Bass, Hip Hop, R'n'B, Rock and Classical. In doing this have built a stage to set up a massacre of the entire music industry and have become a force that will tough to reckon with. .

'Evolution' the name of their first album is not just about the journey they are about to take the music industry on, but through the album you can almost feel their story of brotherhood, livelihood and gives you a real chance to experience the real feel of music. Bloodline are now ready to be let loose on the music industry. Tough times don't last, but the tough do, this album is for those who work hard everyday and live by the words 'Never Give Up'.

The name of the album came from the belief of survival of the fittest from 'The Theory of Evolution' by Charles Darwin, wanting to be the best, knowing what it takes to be the best, knowing the learning that is required and having what it takes in your body, your heart and in your soul to be better, adapt and evolve.

Bloodline are to take the music world by storm and with Envy Worldwide by their side, we all have a lot to look forward to, some say the rebirth of real music. Bubble & GSL-Bloodline have rewritten 'The Theory of Evolution' , but the question remains 'Are You Ready To Evolve ?'

Some people succeed because they are destined to, but most succeed because they are determined to...