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Dalvinder Singh - Udeeka .. 'For Those Who Wait'

From the man himself, Dalvinder -

"The latest news is that the album will be releasing in 1st week of March 07.  A 10 track album, all brand new songs. The album will have 2 videos. There will also be behind the scenes footage for the making of the video song."

Dalvinder Singh


01. Shera Wargeh
02. Yaar Da Viah
03. Dil Dede
04. Sari Raat (The Live Track)
05. Udeeka
06. Buleh Shah
07. Gidhe Da Riwaj
08. Kali Ghagri
09. Soh Khawa
10. Boliyan

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More Information As We Get It - Good to see him back on the scene and wish him well with the new album.  Do check him out on Apachi Indians new Album 'Sadhu – The Movement' on the track called "Nachle" as Well.


The album is OUT NOW!