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DDS ft Bikram Singh - Boliyan Paavan (Out Now)

DDS and Bikram Singh team up once again and proudly present the brand new single 'Boliyan Paavan'.
A fresh, hard hitting song that is aimed to set dance floors on fire. Bikram lays down some signature vocals and bounces along with the heavy dhol beat, accompanied by an unforgettable flute/sarangi track.

The song was concieved during the many hours Bikram Singh spends in his build for purpose studio, whilst Skyping DDS across the pond. These two music maestro's used the experience of knowing each other inside out to create 'Boliyan Paavan' and decided that everyone needed a new up tempo, bhangra/gidda track. A party dancefloor is no place to be serious, so they added a certain playfulness to the song. Its an uplifting sound that will be ringing in your ears days after a first listen...

DDS is also pioneering the art of music video. Incorporating legitimate themes and continuity in style. This time round, contrary to the romance of 'Ik Jindree', he has implemented fun, shoulder shrugging elements which get right under your ribs and make you wanna dance.

The only thing this song will achieve is more aching dance feet, and more hoarse voices from singing along. But then again... who says thats a bad thing?

Boliyan Paavan (Dance with me) is the 3rd Single of the long awaited album by DDS, 'Perfect the Beat'.