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Lord Munmeet ft Surinder Rattan - Sau Rab Di (Out Now)

The Lord of the north, Lord Munmeet is BACK with 'Saun Rab Di' produced by the music maestro Surinder Rattan.

Lord Munmeet made his debut in the industry last year with Roki Na that hit the charts across the world with a catchy beat and different video concept. Since then Munmeet has undergone a full make over and ready to unleash his new look and sound.

'Saun Rab Di' is a fresh sound with a dance/electro vibe ready to rock the crowds worldwide. Surinder Rattan puts his mark on the music that sets it apart from other tracks out there. With a string of hits to his career like Has Has, Kala Kala Munda and OMG which hit the charts worldwide last year you can only expect the best. The video shot in Scotland is a dance and club oriented setting where you will see a very Bollywood style dream sequences to bring a new visual to the club set up.

Munmeet at the age of 21 has already stepped foot in the industry with a promising debut and now his second single will show another side to this talented young singer. The brother of singer Ramee and with a background of Bhangra dancing in his blood it is only natural for Munmeet to be so passionate about singing and dancing. The former Bhangra dancer launched his first album at the age of 10 with sister Ramee called Dil Milde which was well received by fans across the world. Their debut single Jatt Ludhinane De launched ten years ago and since then both siblings are well ahead on the ladder of success!

Saun Rab Di releases August 15th 2013