Johnny Mirza ft. Jay Cash - Dance With Me (Out 12th Aug)

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Hailing from Edinburgh the highly talented & fresh Johnny Mirza is out to hot up the scene on his very own terms. - Johnny Mirza ft. Jay Cash - Dance With Me (Out 12th Aug)


His unique style and distinguishable vocals are the key additives that enable a seamless mix of R&B, Desi, and Dubstep that easily blends together without ever diluting their true elements. This result in the refreshing new flavour that Johnny Mirza brings to music fans on the Desi, Pop, and Urban music scene.

Following his introduction to the scene as a featured artist on Skyy Boii's popular debut single 'Come On Girl (Ajaa Kudiye)', fans got a small taster into how this 23 year old Edinburgh native is channelling a new sound frequency for us to tune into on the airwaves. He has spent over half a decade writing (for himself and others), recording, and performing up & down the country - all the while, steadily building up a profile and grabbing the attention of music fans and industry heads.

His debut single 'Dance With Me' featuring Jay Cash is out on Monday, August 12th off MME Records. Stay tuned and watch this space.

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