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Anita Lerche - Sammi (Video / Out Now)

She has already shaken the Bhangra scene with her porcelain skin and ability to sing a language not her own and now she’s ready to impress the masses with her sophomore album Sadke Punjab Ton. Having already collected over 5 million views on the video for the album’s title song, Anita Lerche brings a new aspect of Punjabi culture to life with her single Sammi.

Sammi is recognized as a folk dance, which is done by the women of Punjab. It’s a dance performed in circles and calls for the ladies to be dressed in colorful lenghas. Anita brings the whole scene to life in her new music video with a dose of romance. The clip evokes a sense of nostalgia as Anita uses music as a medium to conserve culture.

“Film director Harjit and lyricist Dr. Tejinder Harjit have guided me and taken me through the most beautiful and colorful journey of my life while creating Sammi. Striking a cord inside my heart, it almost felt like I once upon a time could have been this Punjabi kuri myself. Together with the talented music director Gurmoh we have made Sammi come to life with the notes from the past blended with the sound of today,” Anita shares reflecting on her new single.

Anita Lerche hails from Denmark. Since the release of her first Punjabi album Heer From Denmark (2006), Anita has been touring the world, received numerous Awards & Honors, and has been featured on several music collaborations. She continues to study all things Punjabi; whether it be the clothing, language or music Anita’s journey through Punjab is ongoing and one she shares with her fans through her music as a true Ambassador for Punjabi culture.

Sadke Punjab Ton is a direct reflection of Anita’s love and passion for Punjabi culture. With each mustering emotion, Anita will be presenting a visual capturing all our attention to take this journey with her.

Sammi is Anita Lerche’s homage to the ladies who brought a rich layer to the culture through music and dance.