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Sajal Sehgal ft. Arminder Nahal - Nachdi Phirey (Out Now)

Introducing a new singing sensation from Sydney, Australia – SAJAL SEHGAL who is sure to capture your musical aura through his diverse range of influences and a distinct passion for music which is second to none teams up with Arminder Nahal to produce his upcoming track NACHDI PHIREY.

The Sydney based singer is poised with a great aspiration to share his talents, brings to you, his catchy vocals and beats that will surely get you hooked and asking for more.

The singer, currently studying his degree in business and commerce in one of the most respected university of Australia, began his musical lifestyle as a hobby that soon developed into an impeccable talent that’s worth sharing with masses. As a young boy growing up in Punjabi culture filled with vibrant music and dancing, he became inspired by the way music artists and singers express themselves through music. He loves to dance, sing and have a ball, and is unstoppable when there’s a good beat on play. His love for dance and music has been a very central part of him as he has matured into the singer he is now. He is proudly supported by his family in his act of singing.

With his intense passion for music, Sajal has maintained a dream of breaking into the music industry to showcase his magnificent vocal talents and has finally with the help and support of music producer ARMINDER NAHAL from England, UK produced an exceptionally catchy, upbeat single NACHDI PHIREY due to release this coming 5th of July 2013 by music label ROYALIONS ENTERTAINMENT, headquartered in Sydney, Australia. It will be available to download from all digital stores including iTunes, Spotify, Google Play, Amazon, Nokia Store to name a few.

Arminder Nahal, who has previously produced music for blockbuster singles Gussa and Dil Vich is in the unique category of artists who have spent years learning their musical trade, both classically and in studio. He has now teamed up with upcoming talent Sajal Sehgal to produce NACHDI PHIREY. A brides dance of joy after marriage is the central theme of this pure bhangra number expressing the initial overwhelming happiness after the wedding and the start of a new glorious chapter in her life. With the assistance of CG Studios UK, the pair have presented a music video shot in London portraying the essence and the joy of marriage due to release with the audio track on 5th July 2013.

He is definitely a singer to keep an eye out for, with his immense potential and focus on his music passion and career, he will easily have you unable to resist singing and dancing along!

Sajal Sehgal together with ROYALIONS ENTERTAINMENT has already started working on his forthcoming album SQUARE ONE due to release later this year. Just like his single, Nachdi Phirey, his album will make it irresistible for you to walk away without it being in your head. Keep a watch out for more on Sajal’s music. Once you tune in you’re sure to be having his music on repeat. All the news about Sajal’s music is updated through his twitter page (@SehgalSajal).

Nachdi Phirey (feat. Arminder Nahal) - Nachdi Phirey (feat. Arminder Nahal) - Single