Dj Kunal - The Mixtape

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VIP Records is proud to present the first release of 2007 the Mixtape by DJ Kunal.

The album features 10 brand new track produced by DJ Kunal, Specialist ‘n’ Tru-Skool, Back to Basics and Tigerstyle. The Album also features 6 VIP back catalogue tracks re-mixed by DJ Kunal the No1 scotish Asian club DJ.


DJ Kunal Started mixing when he was eight years old. The love for turntables gave him the passion and drive, to become a DJ. At twelve he was performing professionally and since then has become one of Scotland’s best Road show DJ’s and has been a key member of the VIP Entertainment crew.
While other kids were playing football Kunal would be practicing his skills on his decks practising his mixing skills. DJ Kunal is a regular on the Edinburgh Hip Hop & RnB scene. He has been playing to thousands of clubbers for many years. DJ Kunal’s popularity grew when he won the award for best Asian DJ of 2003; as a result he has been fully booked on the club and roadshow circuit.
DJ Kunal’s Mix Tape has been hard work, he brings a fresh take on the Desi style; his mixing and scratching skills are the envy of many a DJ and it’s why VIP records are in the forefront of the bhangra industry.

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The Album will be supported by 2 videos, the first a medley of 3 tracks shot at the Edinburgh Mela 2006.
The second will feature the massive track Hai Rabba Ke Karey by Jaswant Hera.

Track Listing
1. Dil De Kabutor Ne Amrik Jassal DJ Kunal 
2. Shartan Sunil Basra   DJ Kunal
3. Karak Jaswant Hera   Specialist n Tru-Skool
4. Hai Rabba Ki Kareh Jaswant Hera   Back to Basics
5. Gabro Punjabi Amreek Jassal   DJ Kunal
6. Sang Lagdi Dev Das    Back to Basics
7. Doomka Ashok Parvey   DJ Kunal
8. Sada Lut Ke Legay Dil Amreek Jassal   DJ Kunal
9. Nach Lain De(remix) Ashok Parves   DJ Kunal
10. Veer da viah Fauji Rajpuri   Tigerstyle
11. Kuriye (remix) Jaswant Heera   DJ Kunal
12. Mahi Mera (remix) Sarvan taskeen   DJ Kunal
13. Teri Tor Vek Ke(remix) Jaswant Herra   DJ Kunal
14. Ishq Da Khedha (remix) Davinder Soni   DJ Kunal
15. Lus Lus (remix) B.S.Bittu    DJ Kunal
16. Gur Nalo Ishq Mita (remix) Surinder Mehli   DJ Kunal

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