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Tindy & Rixx ft Jaswinder Dagghamia - Tera Hogeya (Out Now)

Tindy & Rixx present 'Tera Hogeya’ featuring the dynamic vocals of Jaswinder Dagghamiais; an upbeat, energetic, full on Bhangra track that will have all generations tapping their feet and raising their hands.

Their experience as mainstream DJs has allowed them to experiment and bring together their different ideas.

Tindy & Rixx are a DJ and MC duo hailing from West London who have been DJ’ing together for over 9 years, for the world renowned Calibar Roadshow. Tindy & Rixx started out primarily as wedding DJs but are also prominent on the club circuit. The duo initially started out as road crew for established Calibar Roadshow DJs, ‘Dj Rags’ and ‘DJ Jatty’ respectively. After learning the trade from them at ‘Calibar Roadshow’, they eventually went on to create and run their own roadshow ‘Sound Label UK’, until they were both headhunted and invited to join rejoin Calibar Roadshow but this time as a mainstream DJ team.

Having DJ’ed for over 9 years, Tindy & Rixx have built up a good understanding of what makes a dancefloor go crazy, and have therefore teamed up with world renowned music producer Jeeti, to put their ideas together and try to create their sound.

Their debut track ‘Tera Hogeya’ features the dynamic vocals of Jaswinder Dagghamia and has been penned by UK born and bred lyricist Bally G (AKA Balkar Laltonwala), who has written previous hits like ‘Aetbaar’ which featured Miss Pooja and ‘Jaadu’ for The Dark Mc. The percussion has been performed by one of the best percussionists in the UK, Sunil Kalyan.


“We’ve always wanted to work on our own track, we’ve DJ’ed at a lot of events so we know what makes people go crazy on the dancefloor and wanted to put our heads together and create something of our own” DJ Rixx

Tindy & Rixx have a fresh approach to music, they like to approach music as listeners and music fans. Therefore want to make music that they feel proud of and would personally listen to; ‘Tera Hogeya’ is a end product of, what they have realised over their DJ years and artists and music lovers.

Tera Hogeya (feat. Jaswinder Daghamia) - Single - Tindy & Rixx