Sat Singh - Jawani (Out Now)

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Sat Singh returns with his latest Single titled 'Jawani', teaming up with the prolific Producer Jeeti, who provides the music for this latest release out 25th March!

Sat Singh first began his musical journey as a DJ whilst performing at events across the UK including weddings, parties and clubs. Sat Singh naturally progressed into Music Production which saw him collaborate with strong vocalists such as Ashok Gill and G Sharmilla.

Sat has spent the last year in India under the tutelage of G Sharmilla training as a vocalist. He is now ready to launch himself as a Punjabi vocalist with his Debut Single ‘Jawani’. The lyrical content has been provided by Jeevan Mann, with contribution from Sat Singh to make the single more personal to him.

‘Jawani’ is a romantic ‘slow jam’ which sees Jeeti give it a fresh contemporary feel appealing more to the Western world. The release is a culmination of a 5 year journey into music for Sat Singh which he has been proud to have accomplished without any major label backing.

Talking about the single, Sat Singh stated;

“Jawani is a romantic song sung by myself. The reason I teamed up with Jeeti was to have an experienced Music producer support my vocals and his style of work really suits the Single. Jeeti has collaborated with some of the biggest names in the Bhangra Industry and through this guidance I have been able to achieve my goal in releasing this single. I’ll be releasing new singles in the future, which will be creative and different in their own right. I hope you all enjoy Jawani”

Sat Singh – Jawani is out 25th March via iTunes & leading digital stores


Jawani - Single - Sat Singh