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DBI & AV ft Late Kaka Bhaniawala & Harleen Akhtar - Kehri Gal Tho (Out Now)

Off the heels of their first single release "Ni Udaleh", the DBI boys are back with another dance floor banger! This time the party rockers takes on a more traditional Bhangra vibe featuring rising star Harleen Akhtar and the legendary Late Kaka Bhaniawala entitled "Kehri Gal Tho" releasing on VIP Records.


Producer: Dhol Beat International and AV

Track name: Kehri Gal Tho

Vocalist: Kaka Bhaniawala and Harleen Akhtar

Lyrics: Bhinder Khanpuri

DBI is a group of award winning djs, dhol players, vocalists, and producers that have had unprecedented success with the release of various Bhangra mixtapes over the years and have established themselves as the top Bhangra group hailing from the United States.

"Kehri Gal Tho" offers something special. This is one of the rare duet songs recorded by the late Kaka Bhaniawala. It's a tribute to his contribution to Bhangra music and captures the energetic and versatile style of his one of a kind high pitched yet powerful vocals. To give the track a dynamic UK feel, VIP Records assigned the infectious sounds of in house producer AV to add his flavor to the production of the track leading to an extraordinary collaboration of intrinsic musical compositions and energy filled dance floor beats!

"Being from the United States, we have had to work 3 times as hard to get to where we are today. To be able to produce and release a track with the vocal talents of Kaka Bhaniawala is a true honor, and by teaming up with VIP Records, we feel that this is the right combination to give the proper respect and attention that a track like this deserves," states Dj Impact of DBI.

"Kehri Gal Tho" will be featured on the upcoming mixtape "The VIP Experience," which will consist of a nonstop array of more than 30 of your favorite VIP Records classics as well as brand new originally produced hits by DBI featuring DBI's Amar Sandhu, Saini Surinder, and Labh Janjua. You can be assured that once you pop this cd into your player you will get the party started with bass thumping dhol and that classic high energy vibe that can only be created by the mixtape kings, Dhol Beat International.

From India to the UK and beyond, DBI have become a brand name that is instantly recognized as the leading Bhangra producers, dj's, dhol players, and live entertainment specialists to keep an eye out for in the United States.

Get ready as DBI and VIP Records brings you "Kehri Gal Tho" and the ultimate musical experience, "The VIP Experience!"