Patwant Singh feat. Meet Malkit - Lenghe Waliye (Out Now)

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Check out the promo by Patwant Singh featuring Meet Malkit for the track Lenghe Waliye, written by Avtar from Kaunke out now on itunes.

 Lenghe Waliye (feat. Meet Malkit) - Single - Patwant Singh

Lenghe Waliye came about when Patwant was hunting for a more ‘headline’ type of vocalist from Punjab. Patwant had many options but then heard the song by Meet Malkit written by Avtar from Kaunke. Instantly Patwant fell in love with the lyrics and composition, and had the track recorded and started making the music of it. Another strange outcome of this song was that the writer was from the same pind that Patwant’s family hails from in Punjab.

Patwant gave this song more of a vibe of the old school UK bhangra bands. That sound was the type that Patwant grew up listening to, regardless of him having Canadian origin. That sound really gives a lot of energy and youthfulness to music and that’s exactly what Patwant wanted and envisioned when originally deciding to work with Meet Malkit on this song.

Background about Patwant Singh:

Patwant Singh has always been in?uenced by music- He has been surrounded by it his whole life. Encouraged by his father, Patwant started his journey as a musician with Tabla training at the age of 6. Patwant further developed his tabla skills through Kirtan (religious music) in Gurdwaras (Sikh temples) across Alberta. Naturally, Patwant got curious about other musical instruments and eventually went on to be able to play the Dhol, Dholak, Indian Harmonium, Tumbi, and Keyboards.

Patwant Singh’s curiosity and hunger for music never faded away so he decided to further his music onto a professional level. Patwant did this by taking a Sound Engineering program, which he completed with great success. With this, he learnt the skills of the recording industry and then went to build his own recording studio not to soon after graduating from the Sound Engineering program.

With all these musical skills, DJ qualities, and Sound Engineering quali?cations, Patwant decided to start music production, which he quickly realized is the one thing that lets him involve all aspects of his musical palate.

Patwant Singh uses his own instrumental skills in the music he produces and has also been featured on a few tracks produced by RDB (Manak-E's album Darr... and a few more tracks in progress).

Working on and with other artists on their projects, Patwant has ?nally decided to focus more on his own projects and bring quality music to the scene.


+3 #5 RE: Patwant Singh feat. Meet Malkit - Lenghe Waliye (Out Now)enginr 2013-02-27 18:54
Did he not realize that the bassline and one of the synths is out of key? Song doesn't even sound properly mixed.
+1 #4 RE: Patwant Singh feat. Meet Malkit - Lenghe Waliye (Out Now)Talvinder44 2013-02-14 18:57
This aint too bad you know..
dj jagz
-1 #3 RE: Patwant Singh feat. Meet Malkit - Lenghe Waliye (Out Now)dj jagz 2013-02-14 07:56
Not bad maybe after a few listens sounds better. Who doesn't buy vocals, ghost produce and put their name to it! That's bhangra for you these days lol
-1 #2 RE: Patwant Singh feat. Meet Malkit - Lenghe Waliye (Out Now)Robb 2013-02-14 06:22
Sounds awesome!!1 I love the old skool vibez. Theek ah yaar!!
0 #1 RE: Patwant Singh feat. Meet Malkit - Lenghe Waliye (Out Now)Waves 2013-02-13 20:10
Sounds terrible! Hate the [censored]s, choice of sound is poor. Doesn't sound mixed or mastered correctly...Ove rall a boring uninspiring track..Also vocals were bought don't know what shit he is going on about...

"nstantly Patwant fell in love with the lyrics and composition, and had the track recorded"

There's nothing wrong with buying vocals online but why act like you got it specially recorded?

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