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DAS (Definitive Asian Sounds) - Yaar Sharabi (Out Now)

The single features the catchy duet vocals of Ashok Phravi and Miss S on a truly mesmerizing production boasting big beats and big bass with a twist of traditional Bhangra music composition.  Listen to promo here!


So……….Just for a second let us ignore the fact that it’s a common cliché for a DJ and production team in the Bhangra music industry to release a debut title track with the theme and lyrics relating to women and alcohol.

For one, throughout the last few years our industry has been tainted by countless releases that have failed to hit the mark when it comes to the ‘traditional’ stereotypes of Bhangra music. By now we (the industry folk) as well as your general listener can tell the difference between music that is made purely for the fame and exposure of an artist and on the other hand, music that is made with genuine passion, energy and inspiration.

The song that is enclosed within this Press Release (and other songs that have and are to be released under this label) are those that have cost us more than just money, but rather our blood, sweat and tears.

I’m’ sure as fellow DJs, Presenters, musicians’ and industry figureheads you can relate to our movement.

Definitive Asian Sounds are a team of musicians, producers, vocalists and DJs who have been on the music scene since the early 2000’s. With immense talent, drive and determination they have been able to establish a successful record label, DJ Roadshow and entertainment portal. In 2012 after performing at commercial, corporate and private events across the country and internationally, the team decided to create an album (Definitive) with a vision to explore the different genre’s of music that can be infused with traditional Punjabi, Hindi & Gujarati Vocals, as well as sticking to their British Asian roots by collaborating with renowned urban acts to create a new Definitive Asian Sound for the future generations.

The first single release ‘Yaar Sharabi’ features the catchy’ duet vocals of Ashok Phravli and Miss S (sourced through VIP Records) on a truly mesmerizing production boasting big beats and big bass with a twist on a traditional Bhangra music composition. The song has insofar received a great response from dance-floors’ around the country and will guarantee to set dance-floors’ alight once the track has been released. The accompanying music video has been directed by the highly acclaimed S Sid Ahmed and features cameos from some well-known models and artists.

I hope you guys enjoy listening to the track as much as we enjoyed making it.

Yaar Sharabi - Single - Definitive Asian Sounds