DreamTeam ft. Nirmal Sidhu - Dagga (Out Now)

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Top Punjabi vocalist Nirmal Sidhu teams up with DJ collaborative ‘Dreamteam’ headed up by DJ Dubz to release their brand new single 'Dagga'.


A pure party stomper, Dagga was produced and co-written by DJ Dubz. It is an energetic, party banger waiting to be unleashed.

Turning up the heat on the dance floor, Dagga promises to be a debut success for DJ Dubz and his collaborative Dreamteam. The Dreamteam Roadshow started in the Asian club circuit and have had success in the main stream market with TV support from MTV, Kiss, Flava & AKA. Radio support from Radio One, Kiss FM, Asian Star & Choice FM. As commercial success followed them wherever they went DJ Dubz continues to produced beats and lyrics from his roots.

The track features the vocals of the one and only Nirmal Sidhu who has had a number of hits to name a few Nai Jeena, Khanda, Hai Hai, Punjabi hurr, Char Panj, Sher Punjabi and many more. He has performed on a sold out arena tours in Canada, New York and Mumbai.

Niraml Sidhu is a Punjabi legend and together with DJ Dubz and Dreamteam, Dagga is set for surefire success.

Enjoy New Music - DreamTeam FT Nirmal Sidhu – ‘Dagga’ – (DreamTeam RECORDS)


0 #6 Vigo 2013-01-22 02:13
Phat tune makes me wanna dance :lol: yeh yeh
0 #5 T1000 2013-01-22 02:04
[quote name="Jas4565-t he tune was made in the uk and as been very well received(thank you very much)!. Dreamteam been in the Bhangra scene 20yrs+!
0 #4 Jas4565 2012-12-21 18:58
Usual rubbish. Nothing new here. DJs going to India and claiming to be able to produce music when they don't anything about it. Its a shame the Punjabi music scene is so bad.
tari ma
0 #3 tari ma 2012-12-15 22:30
stfu, mostly all bhangra teams r gonna use this song.
pop star
-2 #2 pop star 2012-12-13 14:40
Hmmmm sounds whack!
-4 #1 rajanx 2012-12-09 10:58
Hmmm this sounds different, too many new people on the scene x

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