Ssameer - Saiyyaan (Out Now)

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Ssameer, a Rising star of the Indian entertainment industry, is a singer and a performer. A gifted vocalist with a unique quality to his voice makes him a force to reckon with in the world of music. Ssameer has finally found his true calling with his debut album, Saiyyaan.

The Album “Saiyyaan” which means beloved, is an experiment with a never before tried jugal bandi or fusion of contemporary rock music and traditional Punjabi folk music; a fusion of the guitar with the tumbi, dhol, and algoze. The idea behind this is to cut across the divides of disparate cultures, social boundaries, time, and even language.

The music of the title track, “Saiyyaan” is passionate and has an intense, lilting quality to it and the song brings to one’s mind images of a barren countryside and the dark reflections of a soul yearning for the love of his life. One can visualize a quick glimpse of beautiful eyes or a flash of a smile before it quickly disappears.

“Jatta” is more traditional with light-hearted, foot tapping music and full of the vibrant energy that is associated with Punjabi folk music. “Singh Surmay” again is a very different song that pays tribute to the courage and gallantry of the Punjabi warrior.

The main attraction of the songs, and indeed its USP, will be the featuring of "Daler Mehndi" and the extremely popular band "Desi Hustlers". They are featured in the songs like “Jatta” and “Singh Surmay”. Even the music is directed by Manpreet, son of the legendary Samsher Mehndi.

Saiyyaan - Ssameer

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