Chati Mann - Yaarian (Out Now)

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Midlands based Record Label, ‘Music Basement UK’, presents the album,Yaarian, by Chati Mann’, a vocalist from Vancouver, Canada. The Music for the album is given by ‘Gurmit Singh’, and contains 9 songs.

Lyrics for the songs have been written by, Vijay Dhami, Jeet KaddonwalaManjit Manna & Jaspal Soos.


Chati Mann is a vocalist born in Kanpur, India, who now resides in Vancouver, Canada. He started learning music in Kanpur from the tender age of 8 years old, and started singing locally from the age of 12. In 1997 Chati migrated to Vancouver and picked up his music lessons in 1999 from ‘Hardev SinghTalab’, and ‘Sash iLata’. Chati has been influenced by Sukhwinder Singh, Mohd Rafi and Mehdi Hassan.

Chati released his first album, ‘Ishq DeBadaal’ in 2010 and toured Canada. Yaarian’ is his second and latest offering and has achieved a great response fromIndia. The first video off the album is for the track, ‘Yaarian’. The album is now available from iTunes and all leading digital stores including, Amazon, Spotify etc.

Track Listing:


1) Yaarian

2) Sikka

3) Chan Taraya Di Gal

4) Do Nain Ohada

5) Nit Khushian

6) Bulla

7) Touch

8) Sorry Sohniyo

9) Chithi

Yaarian - Chati Mann

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