Dharam - Bhabi (Out Now)

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With a natural instinct to sing live, Dharam hails from Glasgow, Scotland releases his debut single ‘Bhabi’ through RPZ World.

Dharam began his musical journey at the age of 6, when he would accompany his father Valeti Singh of Maacha Group. Performing across the UK as a live band, Dharam Singh would accompany his father on stage on tours, showing a natural stage presence from a remarkably early age.

Born to perform, Dharam spent his younger years regularly performing, be it at family functions or in a class room with friends, Dharam would never shy from performing in front of a crowd. Under this strong history of live performing, Dharam went on to perform regularly at live events throughout Scotland, as a true live performer, Dharam refuses to mime behind a backing CD.

Dharam has now been signed to RPZ World, who are currently working on launching him with his debut yet to be titled album. The first single from the album ‘Bhabi’ will be releasing 23rd August via iTunes.

Bhabi - Single - Dharam Dharam - Bhabi Out 23rd August by RPZWorld

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