DNA ft Kamal Heer - Club Wich (Out Now)

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Check out the promo for 'CLUB WICH' - The debut single by 'DNA' featuring International Punjabi star 'Kamal Heer' , out now via itunes!


Club Wich (feat. Kamal Heer) - Single - DNA

DNA, have been busy on the DJ circuit for over 11 years. The first Bhangra DJs to have had residency at Liquid & Envy Nightclub, and Club Republic in Leicester.

DJing weekly every Thursday night for the past 8 years, DNA made Bhangra club nights something to remember for all the students to have stepped foot into Leicester.

More recently, DNA have been busy touring on the wedding circuit with their Extravagant Roadshow "The DNA Roadshow"

With over 10 years experience as DJs, many friends and family hinted for DNA to bring out their own material, their own DNA sound, It was then that the two brothers decided to meet up and join forces with their old time friend AS Dhami. Dhami is hugely renowned all over the world and is the management for various artists including Lehmber Hussainpuri and Nachhater Gill.

The trio then sat down and talked about creating such an album which needed to take the industry by storm. The master plan and their next steps were discussed over a 5 hour meeting and it was from this point on that AS Dhami would be providing all the vocals for this huge project and DNA would produce the music.

With the Master plan on paper, it was left to Dhami to work with his contacts and provide DNA with vocals from artists that would have International Stature. He did indeed deliver, coming back with artists who had agreed to meet DNA and discuss lyrics and compositions.

This project has taken 3 years to complete. Dhami, Dee and Nin have worked tirelessly to make their debut project into a huge worldwide product. Having signed with The UK's biggest record label Moviebox, and Plasma Records in India, it is only a matter of time until DNA unleash their music for the world to enjoy.

Messages from DNA and AS Dhami...

Dee: "I have been entertaining crowds all over the UK for the last 10 years and I always thought there was something missing... I wanted to make something which I knew would blow this industry up a little. I love you

Nin: "Music Bhangra dream. the me relate to them, from Club Bangers, to Party Tracks, Listening Chilled out Vibes and one for all the Romantics... This is the beginning, and I’m not going to stop making hits for u all”

AS Dhami: “After 3 years in the making the time has finally come for the first single from our project to be released. have an everlasting affect on everybody. I was already in the Bhangra industry managing artists, and us all the way and recorded a fresh vocal for us and said “let’s see where this takes us”... I loved the vocal Our


Raji Gill
0 #37 Raji Gill 2012-08-28 00:55
Quoting Lakwinder:
Nice one Jeeti

This does sound like it is by Jeeti!!,persona lly I am not feeling this track...
0 #36 asd123 2012-08-13 02:12
Quoting asd123:
Fed up of DJs who think they can produce music just because they're prop at virtual dj lol fake producers

0 #35 asd123 2012-08-13 02:11
Fed up of DJs who think they can produce music just because they're prop at virtual dj lol fake producers
+4 #34 Lakwinder 2012-08-12 02:50
Nice one Jeeti
+1 #33 Realist 2012-08-11 23:09
Get an album(s) ghost produced, become asian-famous, then become a DJ and in time set up your own wedding roadshow...the most sucessful guy to probably implement this has been DJ H with his Kudos Roadshow...ever yone else is now trying to copy his 'business plan' lol
+5 #32 BORING 2012-08-11 19:40
O thanks for collaborating with Kamal Heer, JEETI!

For F sake when will these b@st@rds learn. Ghost producers should be punished as well, this sounds crap and is killing the industry.
Mr Hurrr
-1 #31 Mr Hurrr 2012-06-18 16:14
Hurrrr ! The promo sounds sick! the trackss ive herd DNA drop them at there club nights soundz amazing crowd was going wild even me my self was! good luck to The whole DNA camp! they got biig names backing them iswel ive herd esp AS Dhami propa well known dude!
Karamjeet Singh
-2 #30 Karamjeet Singh 2012-05-23 14:01
Hurrrr first off Satsriakal to everyone.
look i gota say that these guys have been harping on about there album that there going to be releacing sometime in the future but why big it up so much if its not ready or was not quite there. oviousley these guys have not been in the industry that long to know that if they are sayig there going to releace a album then they should only promote it when its ready to go. as the other BIG producers do and haveing little kids Harp on about it not mentioning any names !!JUGGY!! is down rite stupid this guys been going on like hes doing all this an that on the album WHATS COME OF IT....... i rest my case!
0 #29 Hurrr 2012-04-26 13:28
When is this even out?

It's been a year since this promo.
+1 #28 Ravi121 2011-11-28 16:42
LOOOOOOL all this is funny what a joke to all people hating let people get on with what they want twano ki! why shud if effect u people! there the ones who will be making money out of it pocketing money from wedding parties while you lot will be hating on them! They djed at News years Eve in slough they played there track sounded BIIIG
0 #27 Antonio 2011-11-18 23:33
LOL at all of you who cares if they gettin produced by someone else mans need the bookings end of. shut the f up everyone. sardari track going to be messy i heard and i aint sayin whos produced that let the music speak for itself lol
+2 #26 Deepak121 2011-11-02 23:02
from what i know DJ Bola and Dee MC have actually produced this album i dont know why you hating on them you will have it playing in your cars!! They also have a young guy they got DJing for them from what ive seen on facebook and they are teaching him how to DJ so i supose hes going to smash it up! so good luck to DNA really! The album promo looks wicked iswel!

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